How to strengthen quickly the internal surface of the thigh without pumping the legs

Each body has its own problematic areas of where it is difficult to remove the fat. In women, even very thin, this area is often on the internal surface of the thigh. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind to combat this problem is to start training hard this part of the body. But it turns out that in this way you can exacerbate the situation. studied the issue and offers a solution that will help to modify the problem area and forget forever the jeans that wear out in the thighs.

The burning of localized fat is a myth

Unfortunately, I have to start this article with bad news. It is impossible to lose weight only in a certain area of your body. No matter how much we try, but to train the muscles of the internal surface of the thigh, it will not be possible to reduce this area.

In addition, with the exercises, the muscles will increase in volume under the layer of fat can make the problem area to increase, in the best of cases, will remain unchanged. Therefore, if you have excess weight, first of all, it is necessary to lose the weight and strengthen the corset muscle.

The inner surface of the thighs is strengthened simply by using special exercises without load. Can be done at the end of a workout for the complete development of all muscle groups. And the excess fat in the body burns more effectively with the burden of aerobic fitness. With a caloric deficit, the weight will be evenly in all areas, including the problem area.

However, it happens that you can not lose more weight, and the unnecessary amount on the inside of the thighs, you’re still bitter the life. In this case, it will help you a small trick of fitness.

To reduce the internal surface of the thigh, you need to increase your back

A iliocostalis muscles well-developed (posterior surface) to form a hole in the inside of the thighs. Therefore, working on this muscle, we can lift the problem area. Let’s talk about the most effective methods to achieve these objectives.

1. Hyperextension with emphasis on the hip

The hyperextension is performed on an apparatus of a gym special, to the chair of roman, which is available in almost all gyms. Before you begin, you must set the support of the simulator in the lower level. If you’re at home, you can use a sofa: you need to rest the hips in the pose arm soft and ask someone to hold the feet.

This exercise in the classic version is aimed at the development of the muscles of the back, and only then on the hips and the muscles of the buttocks. To change the focus on the hamstrings, you need to rounding the back and lifting the body with the efforts of the pelvis, not the waist.

Technical execution: the feet are parallel to each other, the legs are straight, the back is slightly rounded. We lowered the body to the full breadth down and we return to the initial position with the effort of the buttocks and thighs. To check if your muscles are tight, put your hands on your buttocks: during the hyperextension, the muscles under the palms must work actively, and “burn” at the end of the exercise.

2. Inclinations on one leg with support on the wall

This is one of the variations of the deadlift: an exercise that develops perfectly the hamstrings and saves them from a problem called “butt saggy”. However, you do not need additional equipment to do this exercise, only one wall.

Technical implementation: we turn back to the wall leaving a bit of space, we support a foot at a right angle in the wall, we put our hands behind our back. Maintaining the flex in the waist, we bring the buttocks toward the wall, as if we would like to touch it. We lowered the body to parallel with the floor. You do not stop in this position, we return to the initial position. The inclinations must be done until the burning sensation, first one leg and then the other, without taking a break.

3. Squats on the machine abductors

The girls in the gyms are very fond of the machines of abductors, and the trainers often includes training of women. As we have already explained, the separations of the legs can further increase the internal surface of the thigh. But this exercise can be done much more efficiently. It is enough to lift your pelvis during the exercise, or, for example, turn on the machine.

Technical implementation: we choose the weight required, and we stand in front of the seat of the simulator. The tips of the feet are separated to the maximum, the outer parts of my knees are supported at the cusps, the hands can be put in the back. We went down the pelvis, as if trying to sit in a chair. The knees in this movement are separated by themselves, and the ceilings created additional tension on the biceps of the hamstrings during squats.

4. Ejections in the gravitrón

The gravitrón, as a general rule, is used to train the upper part of the body, but also serves for the bottom. The exercise remember to push the platform of the press is tilted with a leg, but in our version it will be easier to change the focus and feel the maximum tension in the hips and buttocks.

Technical execution: you choose the weight on the machine, the platform of the gravitrón should get with effort. Lean on the handles of the machine, fold the back in the lumbar area and pull the buttocks back as much as possible, to feel the tension in the back of the thigh. Supporting in the heel, low platform, mobile and return it slowly to its initial position.

5. “Kicking donkey”

This is how you translate the name of the exercise “donkey kicks” of English, and his whole essence is reflected in this title. This exercise serves to complete the training, doing the greatest possible amount of repetitions on each leg. In quality of cargo, you can use a bracelet of training, or elastic band.

Technique of execution: hands and knees on the carpet, the back parallel to the floor, the view is directed to the front. We perform a movement similar to that of a donkey: the leg rises, and rises, slowly descends and returns to take off.

During the execution of this and the other exercises of our article, concentrates your attention on the back of the thigh. You should feel your muscles and try to keep them as tight as possible during each repetition.

We hope that these exercises help you to look even more attractive. Tell us in the comments what you did to strengthen the inner thighs and what the results were.

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