How was it that Guillermo del Toro helped Mark Hamill to save Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

This veranoooooooooo… The incredible story of how a group of heroes led by Guillermo del Toro saved Luke Skywalker and the justice of New York using only Twitter…

Well, it’s not a premiere, pump also comes out in the summer, but otherwise yes it is true. Because it turns out that our fellow countryman Guillermo del Toro along with other stars of show business in the united States as Lin Manuel Miranda, Sean Astin and Seth Meyers conducted a campaign on Twitter to save the series Brooklyn Nine-Nine, where it appears Mark Hamill, and which had been cancelled by FOX TV, and some say that his cry had a lot to do with the decision.

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It all began when Fox-TV announced that after its fifth season canceled the series. Then Mark Hamill took to his Twitter account to express their dissatisfaction and make it clear that he would forget so easily that offense.

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He immediately formed the army of salvation and the three friends of Hamill were all in all to the social networks to make a call to that Brooklyn Nine-Nine it would not fall.

And then that they succeed. NBC announced that it will acquire the rights to the series for a sixth season thanks to it’s sister studio Universal Television, which produces the series. And then all was happiness between all of these compadres.

And as the tremendous gesture could not go unnoticed by Mark Hamill, in charge of immortalizing in the film Luke Skywalker thanked with your own art on Instagram using as a base to the Guardians of the Galaxy to put him and his friends and promise that Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be better than ever with this new life that you have been given. Let’s just love happy endings!

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