How it works the new system to rent a iPhone, Galaxy or Google Pixel

The smartphones high-end are one of the gadgets most desired by the majority of the users all over the world, not only by their specifications and design, but also by the status that gives each person the carry a iPhone X, Galaxy Note 9 , or some other model of high cost.

However, it is precisely the price that makes it impossible for most people to acquire one of these phones for cash, which is why many opt for the famous income plans, where currently you’re paying for the equipment month to month, additional to the recruitment of the telephone service. Although, for all those who do not want to pay for a rental plan since there is a new option to have one of these smartphones high-end, and that is to rent a iPhone, Galaxy or Google Pixel.

All this is possible thanks to RentoMojo, a startup in India that is dedicated to rent furniture, appliances, bicycles, computers, and now smartphones high-end.

This new service, time can only be used in India, which is where is located the startup, but may be an option that other companies could copy in developing countries of Latin america.

How does the income of smartphones

It is important to mention that currently the startup only offers in rent on the iPhone X, iPhone 8, samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 8 and Google’s Pixel 2.

According to the company, this benefit helps customers spend less money to have a high-end smartphone in their hands, since buying the team even with a plan of fixed payments would spend a lot more money, of course, the difference is that at the end of the phone so you come back and don’t what you got ( unless you buy it), but if you consider that many usually change phone once you end up paying for it after a year and a half or two years, so maybe it is much more feasible to rent a phone than to buy it.

Customers who want to rent one of the phones available must do so by deadlines forced, and the minimum period is 6 months, while there is also the option of rental of 12 and 18 months.

What if you could rent a phone?

As is the case with the income plans, customers must leave a refundable deposit that will serve as a guarantee in case of any problems, such as, for example, that the customers stop paying and not return the computer.

Obviously, the longer rents the device cheaper is the rent of the equipment per month, for example, an iPhone X has an income of 4,499 rupees per month ($1,214 USD) in a plan to 18 months, while the same phone on a 6 month plan takes an income of 9,299 rupees per month ($2,511 USD).

Customers have the option to cancel the rental of the equipment at the time they wish to do so, but must pay a penalty, something that also happens with the current income plans.

In the same way, RentoMojo offers the possibility to buy the equipment once you are finished with the rental of the same, of course at a price much more affordable, and customers can use the money that you left in warranty to do this, however, you can also return the equipment and lease another device at the end of your term forced.

As we can see is a similar layout to the tariff plans, but without the need to hire a telephone line, although many will view it as a scheme much more expensive due to that at the end you do not stay with the team, however, you’re not tied to using the service with a single operator. and Partners.

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