How to make Google Chrome load faster

Google Chrome is one of the most commonly used browsers today, however, many don’t like the idea that it is also one of the more system resources it consumes, especially in regards to RAM memory.

Even with this, the company from Mountain View is testing new features in Chrome to make it much faster, safer, and above all, that it doesn’t occupy many system resources, in fact there will soon come a version of Android that will save you a lot more battery power and RAM memory.

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But the feature that has been released will make it much faster to Google Chrome, sometimes for fractions of a second, and the other by a few seconds, giving the impression that the browser is much faster, or at least so it promises to be Google with its new role as Lazy loading.

Lazy loading, or lazy loading is a new option that is now available to test in Chrome Canary, the experimental version of Google Chrome for Android and computers, with which the browser will load much faster the web sites.

This feature what it does is to load only the parts of the page that we are seeing, and not the whole web site as it happens with most of the sites, which load all the images and elements of the site, even though we’re not seeing the whole page, making the loading much slower, especially if our Internet connection is not of the best quality, or speed.

To turn on Lazy loading, what we need to do is the following:

  • Download Google Chrome Canary or upgrade to the version 70.0.3521.0.
  • We now go to the address bar and type chrome://flags/
  • In the search box type “Lazy”, there will appear the options “Enable lazy image loading” and “Enable lazy frame loading”. The first does not load the images on the site that we are not seeing, the second will not load the page elements that are not seen.

  • If you want to activate the two options to make it even more quick tap “Enabled” in both options, or just do it in the option of your preference.

  • Restart the browser.

With this Google Chrome will load much faster, but be careful, because Google has mentioned that since this is an experimental feature with some web pages may not work or have errors, hence that of time is an experimental feature, however, if you have disadvantages you can follow the same steps to reset the settings. and Partners.

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