How we’ve gone from the “fake news” to the manipulation

Social networks are now the bread of every day. Many people use them and in fact, they talk about them constantly. There is not a day that goes by that don’t hear something about it on the publication that made someone or the last joke or a stitch that someone put on Twitter.

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And this is a soup perfect for the fake news and manipulation, sometimes made of very rough, but there any intention of the one who generates the note or the picture fool you.

For example, there was a note that speaks of a pretty girl who claims to have won the Olympiad in chemistry and physics, but in reality the note is false, because this is the actress porn Mia Khalifa. What is it this type of images? Who do you want to fool? I have No idea, but this is finally a kind of innocent joke because nothing happens if someone is to create it.

The matter, however, it gets more serious when they are published notes in which we speak of a specific political, which was accused of receiving bribes in the past, it will be whoever is in charge of I don’t know what social work of the new government that will be headed by Lopez Obrador. And just to put the picture of the character with the story that it wants to spread, to make it sufficiently credible. Shortly after came the note of the own political of degradation that would be dedicated to this and in addition, that it was in the cabinet of the newly elected president.

And as well as there is this type of photo, manipulation is at times so trivial that it is naive, but to demonstrate how easy it is to fool people. For example, you can put a specific photo of Lopez Obrador by comparing it with one in which Trump makes the same gesture. And well, people sometimes have gestures similar and if they are looking for one in particular, well may be the “coincidence”. The goal of this photo many times is to insult the political tabasco, which is part of this eternal dirty war.

And to finish, we have the “fake news” as the one who published the video of the crashes with cars “ghosts” because, although it is amazing, the response to this video is on the Internet to do the minimal research and know that it is all a trick of editing that an artist has uploaded it to YouTube. But not lack of those who speak of “errors in the matrix” even though such idea has come out of a science fiction movie and that a lot of people have believed that it is a fait accompli.

So be very careful with what you read. There is to have an open mind, yes, but before any notes rare and you take it with care. In the past we have said many times, to make strong an argument, that what we stated was in the books. Today, many people think that “if you are in a safe Internet is true”. And, of course, is not.

It is sad and the background to know which social networks are used for these purposes. The best inventions, the Internet, which democratizes information, it suddenly becomes unreliable. And to me it is clear to me that after seeing how we as societies and how we act, I have to give you the reason to Umberto Eco when he pointed out: “social networks give you the right to speak to legions of idiots who first spoke only in the bar after a glass of wine, without damage to the community. They quickly were silenced, but now have the same right to talk that a Nobel prize winner. It is the invasion of the idiots” () and Partners.

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