How to inherit your account to Facebook when you die? Here’s

For users of Facebook, its accounts and fanpages are authentic capitals digital. Are precious and it has cost them time and effort to build their communities and gain little, or a lot of prestige that only this social network can give.

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That is why Facebook has enabled a feature that allows its users to inherit their accounts if they die. It sounds creepy and somewhat intense, but in reality it is quite useful. And is that when you inherit your property on FB, you give some power to the person that you choose to modify your information or flat out delete all traces of your profile.

The good news is that between the “value” you pass to your beneficiary, your secrets remain safe because the heir will not be able to see your private messages; however, you will have the opportunity to modify other things.

Remember that Facebook already has established that if the user does not execute any specific action that make it clear their will on your profile, the account will become a memorial in the event that it is notified of the death of the holder, and no one will be able to exert actions on it.

There is also the possibility of activating a function that deletes the account in the event that it is notified of the death of the holder.

Guide to inherit your account of Facebook

The first thing you have to do is think about who you could stay with your profile. To select a Contact, legacy (the one that will inherit your account) just go to your profile of Facebook and go to Settings. After you will need to go to Manage account where you’ll enter the profile name of the person who will stay with your account.

Contact legacy has two options:

  • Turn your profile on an account anniversary. The account will still be intact and they will put the phrase “In memory of…” before the profile name. The heirs who choose to keep the profile to be posted on the account, accept friend requests, change profile picture and cover, as well as delete previous posts.
  • Delete the account permanently. There is the possibility that, before you delete it, you can download part of your information (except private messages). In the same section you can select if you want to download your data or not.

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