How to play before anyone else the new FIFA 19 for Android

FIFA is one of the game of football more popular in the recent years, both for consoles and for mobile devices, already mentioned, a firm specializing in research, Newzoo, that FIFA was the title of eSport more popular in Mexico, and many already look forward to the arrival of FIFA 19 for Android.

EA Sports eliminated Cristiano Ronaldo of the website of FIFA 19 after sex scandal

Play now FIFA 19 Android

If you are one of those that is waiting for the game, then you should know that it is possible to be able to play FIFA 19 Android-through of the beta version of the application, since the final version will be released on the 4th of November, so if you don’t mind that is a beta version (but very stable), then you must follow the following steps:

  • The first thing we need to do is activate the option “unknown Sources” on our phone, since we’re going to perform the installation of the game through an APK.
  • Later we download the APK from Uptodown that you have in the link below.
  • Install the file and start the game, then use your EA account to be able to enable all the functions of the game.

What are the limitations of the beta version?

Despite the fact that the controls and the stability of the beta version are remarkable, if there are some limitations that will end up until the arrival of the final version, some of them are that not all game modes will be available, and perhaps the most important is that the achievements are not visible in the final version, so take this into account.

FIFA 19 is proud to be one of the games more realistic and powerful in what football is concerned, so if you want to try the game do not hesitate to download the APK which is totally safe. and Partners.

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