How to send WhatsApp messages to yourself

WhatsApp is the instant messaging application with more users in the world, but as I have mentioned previously, it also lacks interesting features that we do find in its competition, and one of these is the option to send messages to ourselves.

Perhaps you’re wondering what to serve this option, but the answer is simple, a chat with you allows you to do hundreds of things productive, such as send reminders, to send files to easily find them, or in my case then I keep some links of articles that I’m interested in reading at some other time of day, but to avoid losing it or go back to search for this, controller directly to my chat.

This function is one of the most appreciate in a Telegram, but unfortunately not the we can use on WhatsApp, or at least not in a simple way, although it is also possible to do so.

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To do this I will tell you in very simple way how you can send messages to your own chat of WhatsApp.

  • The first thing we need to do is create a new contact from within your favorite application.
  • The name of the contact can be of your preference, such as, for example, “I”, “Alter Ego”, etc
    WhatsApp prueba
  • This contact, you must save it with your own number, that is to say, create a contact with your phone number.
  • Once created you can observe that you have the option to send you a message through WhatsApp, so tap the option to open a chat in the application.

WhatsApp prueba 2

  • Now you can send all kinds of messages to your chat.

In the tests that I have done it is not possible to find our contact in the contact search, and even if we select the option add contact to a new one or an existing one, our contact will still appear in the search, however, will always be able to access it from the screen of chat, or well, since the option of “Send message WhatsApp” from the “contacts” application.

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This is a trick very simple, and that can be leveraged for many things, so don’t forget to share it with your friends and aunts who both use WhatsApp to send the classic photo of piolín with the good days.

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