How do consumers perceive cable companies? (Not very well)

The companies of cable television have made television a business for which there is to pay for it. Unlike the model of broadcast television, which is paid for with ads, the consumers of cable television pay-per-view content, with promises of non-advertisers, for example, a thing that many times companies of this niche ignored.

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In Mexico the situation is however unclear, because there are no credible studies of the topic. However, in the united States, in a study of Consumer Reports, indicates that the non-satisfaction perceived by the customers of the cable companies was very high, considering that we surveyed some 176 thousand people. This lack of satisfaction with the product you received is not only for television services, but also by the Internet, telephony, promotional packages, etc. In the united States, the majority of cable companies: Optimum (Cablevision), Comcast and Spectrum (Charter, Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks), had numbers very bad in terms of customer satisfaction in multiple categories.

For example, only 38% of TV subscribers were very satisfied with the service, indicating that they were “very” or “completely” happy with what companies were offering. Armstrong, as a small cable company that operates in Kentucky, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, was the second behind Google Fiber, in part to your score favorable to technical support, reliability and customer service. Meanwhile, Verizon and two TV companies satellite, AT&T, DirecTV and Dish Network, also had better scores that Cox Communications, Comcast, Spectrum, and Optimum (Cablevision).

A municipal service of the Internet which is a public utility in Chattanooga, Tenn., it was one of the few that shone in regard to Internet services. It was the only company that received the best rating by its value. Also rated very well in terms of speed and reliability. Google Fiber was in the second place, very close to this site first, but had lower scores with respect to the value of the services they provided.

Almost three-quarters of the respondents replied that they had a complete package: Internet, TV and telephony. Half said that it gave them a promotional price to hire the services. 45% of respondents were still in that fee payment promotional.

There were however many complaints about fees, hidden or states of mind that are confusing. The service Comcast Xfinity was the one that scored the most complaints pro the company Gene Plans along with Cox, were two that shared the frustrations of the customers for payments, strange, hidden or unclear.

And although the satisfaction survey is for companies in the united States, it is clear that if in the first world, the wire services are not satisfactory, in our third world countries probably will not be better. Here companies promise, for example, hundreds of channels, but the repeats of the shows and movies end up showing that as many channels does not mean a better supply of entertainment. In many instances, the packages that include the Internet and telephony have difficulties and the support does not seem to be good in general.

Reader unocero, what opinion do they deserve cable companies in our country? and Partners.

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