How to test the new function of Intelligent Gmail

During the first day of the Google I/O, Google introduced a new Gmail feature called Smart Compose, which can be translated as Intelligent, which is powered by artificial intelligence, which was one of the main technologies that will be implementing Google in many of their products over the next few weeks.

With Smart Compose, Gmail is able to know what it is that you want to write, by giving you suggestions in real time, this way you will be able to write an e-mail so much faster. We must not confuse Smart Compose with Smart Reply, the second is the option that allows you to offer intelligent answers to the emails that come to us, this way we don’t have to open the email to write a response, simply select any of the options offered by Gmail.

Obviously, Smart Compose you learn more things, the greater is its use, since it works in a way similar to the keypads of the phones that use the “machine learning” to predict what will be our next word or phrase.

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Another important detail that we must mention is that Smart Compose at the moment is in experimental phase, and only works in English, so if you’re used to writing emails in this language, since you do not have problem, otherwise, we will have to wait for Google to activate the function in Spanish.

Finally, this function is only available for the web users that have enabled the new Gmail interface, which we explained a few days how to activate it in your account.

Having said this, the steps to follow to activate Smart Compose are the following:

  • We go to the Gmail settings and select “Language Interface of Gmail,” which we must change to English (US).

  • Later we went down some options and look for the one that says “experimental Access” and activate the check box.

  • Before leaving we have to go to the bottom and select the option “Save changes”, otherwise nothing will happen.
  • Gmail will restart and you will now have the interface in English, to verify if we have the option of Smart Compose again we go to the “Settings” or “Settings”.
  • There we search for “Smart Compose” and verify that it is activated.

  • Ready, you’ll be able to enjoy this new feature.

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As we have been able to investigate, this feature is being rolled out gradually, so that it is possible that some users still can not access to the function, however, the different tests we have made with the team of Unocero have worked without problem, just remember that you must have enabled the new Gmail interface.

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