How to test the new feature of WhatsApp in Android to avoid entering dangerous sites

Some days ago we had given them ahead of time that WhatsApp was testing a new feature that could alert users to dangerous sites that are normally used to defraud or steal data, something that is known as Phishing. Well, WABetaInfo mentions that this feature is already available exclusively on Android, but in the future will come to iOS and Windows Phone.

If you want to know how you can test this new feature for Android here we will explain to you step-by-step what you must do:

  • The first requirement is to be a beta user, and if you’re not, and either don’t know how to do this, then this link will explain in detail how to become a betatester of WhatsApp.
  • Once we are beta users must install the corresponding version to the number 2.18.221, which is already available in the Play Store.
  • This function is already included in the update and it will work automatically with the links, which the company detects as dangerous.
  • To make a test and validate that it works on your Android device you can ask any of your contacts that you send the following link: https://wabetaı

  • If you already received it, and accounts with the latest version of WhatsApp, but you can not see the legend of “suspicious Link”, then it makes a backup of your chats and re-install the application from the Play Store.

  • With this we can see that the link that you received bears the legend of “suspicious Link” in red, in addition, if you want to get WhatsApp warns you why it is a suspicious link.

This function has been implemented by the company to avoid scams and the spread of the fake news in the application, because we must not forget that in India there were even innocent people who lost their lives for fake news on WhatsApp, in addition to that, Mexico, Brazil, and India are three of the major countries in the world with more victims by scams in WhatsApp.

Mexico, Brazil and India, the most affected by the scams in WhatsApp

If you pay attention to the league, you will notice that the i is not in reality a i, and WhatsApp what is considered suspicious because it contains an unusual character. And it is just as well as many sites posing as others to defraud, or spread Fake News.

WhatsApp will be working to make much more complete this function and to avoid a large number of scams and spread of Fake News through the application.

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