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Yes, you don’t need to see the sky in order to understand if it will rain or not, because each one of us has a smartphone with weather forecasts more accurate. But what if you don’t have to hand your phone or you’re in a place where there is no internet? talks about how to determine the weather with accuracy in a few minutes just to see the sky.


Cirrus clouds are found at a height of 5 to 14 kilometers, like a long strands, bows or feathers composed of ice crystals. They do not provide precipitation to reach the ground. So, if you see such clouds, it is a good sign, but it will be a weather a bit cold.

If the cirrus clouds become thicker, drops too low and covering part of the sky, then they become cirrocumulus. These are similar to lambs, little clouds that resemble waves in the water. They indicate a strong warming and that in a couple of hours it will begin to rain very hard.

When the clouds come down too, they become cirrostratus clouds. They look like thin sheets extended all over the sky. Such clouds appear 12 to 24 hours before a rain for a long time.


The cumulus clouds are small puffy clouds of white, like cotton candy. Of them not falling water, which means that there will be a good weather. But if you see such clouds, do not hurry to rejoice.

The clouds cumulus clouds can reflect that will begin a buildup of thunderclouds and the rain could arrive in the next 8 hours. But if you are little cumulus clouds of clouds or in the evening disappear then the weather will be good and constant.

You probably have seen such clouds are similar to a few small balls of wool, scattered throughout the world: these are the clouds cumulus. If clouds like those of the image, then it is worth taking a waterproof as after a few hours you can start a rain on you.


This sheet grey like the mist and covers the whole sky. These clouds are thin, that’s why, despite the darkness, it is unlikely that there would be rain. The cloud layers appear before a beginning of a good weather.


Here it seems that everything is clear: if the clouds are dark it means that it will rain. But all is not so simple. Pay attention to the color of the cloud; in accordance with the nuances, you can determine what the climate will be to:

  • The black clouds mean that it is performing a heavy rain without wind.
  • In brown color indicates the approach of rain with strong winds.
  • The gray clouds frequently occur in a large territory, that’s why they advertise a light rain but prolonged.

Do you now look for the sale, and look at the clouds? What are they?

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