How to know what signs and symptoms of your body require a diagnosis and not just say “it will pass”

With the arrival of summer, the war begins between those who have a lot of heat, and those who eternally are freezin’. Meanwhile, these not only can be simple whims, but symptoms of some diseases. In this article, you will learn about these conditions and you will learn how to advise your colleague that always is asking to close all the windows, even if in the street it is hot, and where to send to those who keep the windows open come rain, shine or relampaguee. recommends you listen to the signals your body, strange that may seem.

1. Heels pink

Manufacturers of products for the care of the legs often promise the effect of the heels, “baby”. But if you notice that your heels really become pink and the skin looks thin, or wrinkled, then it is worth giving some analysis and check the level of sugar in the blood. Such a symptom may indicate diseases related to metabolism problems, in particular: diabetes.

Who needs to go: to the endocrinologist.

2. Feeling of hugs

Hugs don’t always be pleasant. If you ever feel like someone you hug tightly or as if with ropes around the waist you tie his torso or legs, then it is worth going to get an evaluation and to rule out the risk of development of multiple sclerosis. There may arise an unpleasant feeling in the hands and legs of the person that make you feel that you have gloves or shoes very heavy. The feeling can range from annoying to extremely painful, but, in any case, it is worth paying attention to.

Who needs to go: to the neurologist.

3. Eyebrows bald

If from a long time ago did you depilate your eyebrows or have never done it, but notes that each time, there are less hairs, particularly from the outer side, and begins to appear bald, then it is worth going to the doctor and verify the functioning of the thyroid gland. This can be one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Who needs to go: to the endocrinologist.

4. Fingers like sausage

If you have a clear skin without irritation and does not feel itchy, but the toes of your feet become swollen, like a sausage, then it is worth to schedule a checkup and a consultation with the doctor. Such a symptom may indicate psoriatic arthritis.

Who needs to go: the dermatologist, rheumatologist.

5. A quick satiety

Early satiety is not a gift of fate that finally will help you to lose weight, but a symptom of some diseases of the digestive system. If you began to disturb the stomach acid, then it may be a sign of a disease for gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Who needs to go: to the gastroenterologist.

6. Intolerance to the interior

If you are one of those people that always ask to open the windows of the transport and of the room, and in the street it is easier to breathe at work or at home, then it is worth to make studies and to rule out the probability of heart failure. It’s also worth checking the functioning of the thyroid gland, such a symptom is a characteristic of hyperthyroidism.

Who needs to go: the cardiologist, the endocrinologist.

7. Hatred toward the open windows

But if you find yourself on the other side of the barricade and you’ll freeze even in the summer, then, in this case, it is worthwhile to verify the functioning of the thyroid gland. Possibly, your body has aged by the failure of iodine, which can cause hypothyroidism.

Who needs to go: to the endocrinologist.

8. Desire to steal something

The sudden contempt for the Law and the desire to steal any small thing, even if you’re in a state of being able to pay for it, you can be the first symptom of dementia. Unfortunately, the one who is able to detect the problem rarely ask for help on their own. That’s why it pays to be very attentive in the relationship with your acquaintances, especially in people of advanced age.

Who needs to go to: the therapist, neurologist, psychiatrist.

9. Nails round

If you’ve noticed that your fingernails have started to change form, becoming all the more fat and wide, then this may indicate problems with the heart. But it is worth remembering that the symptoms of clubbing of fingers does not form as a disease in itself, but points to pathological processes in the body that can be caused by more than one disease, therefore, it is better to go to a comprehensive study.

Who needs to go to: the therapist, the cardiologist

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