How do you know if a smartphone is released?

Surely when you buy a smartphone you ever wondered if it is released, how do you know?, do all smartphones are released?, how do you release a phone? for all these doubts we will resolve them below.

Let’s remember that from some years ago, in Mexico, operators are required to release the equipment, on pre-pay, or which are to be paid in full if it is sold in a rate plan.

However, the rules are not equal for all, as in the case of Telcel, the IFT has been considered an agent mainly in the telecommunications sector, so that it is the only company which is obliged to sell computers released in the prepay segment.

But what does this mean?, if you buy a smartphone in Friend Kit or prepayment, the computer must be released by law, that is to say, it can work with any other company in Mexico and when you are approved to operate on the network of the operator of your preference.

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But in the case of tariff plans or postpaid, the situation is different, and not only with Telcel, but also with Movistar and AT&T, so any phone you buy in this mode will be locked, and may only release it until you pay the total of the team, or finish your contract forced of 12, 18 or 24 months.

But what happens with the teams in pre-payment of AT&T and Movistar? Well, these companies are not forced to sell their teams are released, they have to release them if the client asks for, but up there.

This means that any smartphone you purchase with these two companies will be locked, and you’ll have to go to the Customer Care Center of the operator for requesting the release, which on average takes between 5 and 7 business days.

No operator can refuse to release a computer on prepaid or for which it has paid for its total cost of the phone, as they are required by law to do so, but remember, you have to make the request for the release. And as part of a bad experience that I had with one of these operators, let me tell you that in case you lengthen the release process, it is best to make a complaint in IFT, this will make it possible by freeing up your team as soon as possible.

Now, the phones you buy directly with a company such as Motorola, Samsung, OnePlus or the one that comes to the head are released, even online stores like Amazon also sell equipment released from the factory, the majority sets out in its description, but if it says that the computer is AT&T or Movistar, then it is likely to come locked.

What happens if I do not know the Operator where you bought it?

Well, here’s the best tip is to enter a SIM from another company, for example, if the computer comes with a chip Telcel, test with AT&T or Movistar, if you ask for a verification code, or displays the legend “No service” means that the computer is locked.

What you must have to consideration is that the SIM must be from a company that uses a different network, because in the case of OMV (Virtual Mobile Operators) they use the same network that the company you rent the service, that is to say, if you have a chip from Movistar and you put one of Virgin, Simplii, or any other OMV that uses the network of Movistar, then it will read your SIM without a problem.

The market of Virtual Mobile Operators in Mexico

If you want to know how is the picture of the OMV in Mexico and that network used here is information about it.

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