How behave the characters of the films according to their genre? Two rules that each director continues to

The portal The Pudding made a curious study where he explains to the world how the gender of your character influences your behavior in a movie. The study of 2 000 scripts helped to get an idea of how it behaves a typical woman and a typical man, according to the creators of cinema. appreciated the precision and irony of these unusual statistics and suggests you compare the movie with reality in the comments.

What does she do?

The female characters of the movies, snuggle, laugh, squeal, cry, blush, grab hands and hug. When they don’t do all of the above, can go back in to the fear, to sigh, to tremble, caress, or leaning. A woman of rare force, attack, rest, push, and answer.

What does he do?

The writers argue that, to a man, it is natural to gallop, kill, jump, scream, shoot, solve and fail (for example, a bottle). In his free time, the men walk without haste, rage, break something or lose it and even forget. These characters, much less often, apologize, move in excess of, it is realize something, care or pay.

How does the gender of the writer?

The overwhelming majority of screenwriters are men, but this does not lead to a large gender difference in the choice of words to describe the characters. In addition, both men and women writers, they use words emotionally powerful and engaging, describing characters of the opposite sex: “caress”, “kiss (with passion)”, “hold on” and the like. But the researchers say that, if we increase the percentage of writers women, the women in the film besarán and will cry less often, as well as carry out most tasks of a spy resolving more cases.

Who talks more?

It is expected that most of the replicas in the film are granted to the young girls. The men, at the age of 42 to 65 years old, “lead” for 39 per cent of the words in the script. By his ability to speak, the female characters can be compared only with the male characters of Disney; only 4 films in this study gave their protagonists more than 50 percent of the words.

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