How they know, they are married and divorcing couples in Egypt

To get married, you need to accumulate a fortune, and for divorce, only to say three times in a single word. A country in which the cohabitation of a couple without getting married is punishable by law, and the return to the former wife is possible only through a new marriage. This is all about a faraway Egypt and enigmatic.

Under the mysterious term “arab world” is a amount of countries, each of which has its own rules and traditions. And even within a state, may differ depending on the region, life style or religious views.

The wedding customs of modern Egypt represent a surprising mix of ancient rituals rooted in the time of the pharaohs, the customs adopted in different countries and the precepts of Islam. met the most interesting of them. Enjoy.

How to know

  • Marriage in Egypt is preceded by the agreement of marriage. In Islam, a woman is home voluntarily. At the beginning, the father of the groom negotiated the esponsalicias with the father of the bride. If you receive the permit, organizes the first visit of the bridegroom to his bride. In some localities (as a general rule, in the interior) the girls still completely cover the body with clothing, hiding it all except the eyes. If the bride liked the groom, she can open her face to the chosen. Then the man has the right to refuse to marry.
  • Marriage for the egyptians is a serious decision, and the divorce is a phenomenon that is extremely undesirable. To avoid misunderstandings in the marriage, young people often discussed the terms of the future contract of marriage. You can write almost everything in it: the right to travel, to work, to the amount of money you get the wife each month, or the duty of the husband to quit smoking.
  • Relations before the wedding are not accepted. The right to live gives a marriage officer or a contract orfi. If the police inform you about the coexistence illegal of the couple, they have the right to inspect the place. Violators will face a fine and arrest for up to 3 months.
  • The egyptian society condemns the flirting and public display of feelings. Here rarely you see a couple hugging in the street.
  • The bride is usually chosen by the groom’s parents, but the final decision is up to the young people. Also popular are the casamenteras professionals.
  • A muslim has the right to marry a christian, but their children are automatically considered muslim. Such connections are undesirable, but permissible, but the marriage with an atheist is impossible. Marriages between religions in Egypt are very rare: in this case, the youth will have to withstand many difficulties, may be rejected by family and society. A girl can only marry a co-religionist.
  • It is worth noting the tradition of the settlement of marriage between the bedouin. If a guy likes a girl, goes to the leader. He invites her and asks for tea to all present. If a possible bride offers sweet tea to the groom, she accepts to become his wife, otherwise, can be considered a rejection. In the case of consent, begin to negotiate for the bride, and to save, looking for weaknesses: sparse hair, crooked teeth, etc

How to get married

  • The official part of the ceremony looks very pragmatic and is the signature of the marriage contract in front of a notary. At the time of the signing of the contract, is read the Quran to young people. After that, it starts the reception — the informal part of the program.
  • It is no secret that the Quran allows a man to have multiple wives. But he is obliged to keep them properly. To test the well-being of a future husband in Egypt, negotiated the dowry (mahr). In addition, the groom must prepare for the chosen a traditional gift, most of the times, they are jewels of gold. And he has to solve the problem of where.
  • But, with time, even the traditions more lasting experience changes. Due to these high standards, for many young people, marriage is not possible anymore, so that is becoming increasingly popular the idea of leaving expensive gifts.

  • The celebration begins with the entrance of the bride to the rhythm of the drums. During the ceremony, the young people are seated on an elevated platform in armchairs special. The guests light up handfuls of grass, branches and surround it with them to the bride and groom. During the wedding, the chairs often are raised in the air.

  • Weddings in Egypt are always fun, despite the fact that they do not have alcohol. The dances and songs are more important than meals. The format of the party depends on the views of young people: there is so much wedding more european with belly-dancers and dances in couples, such as parties conservative with a lot of restrictions.

  • The tradition of exchanging wedding rings probably also arises in the Ancient Egypt. Just then, the jewel symbolic was carried on the middle finger and the ring finger.

  • The wedding dress is adorned by an incredible number of petticoats, sequins, feathers, estrases and pearls. Traditional makeup is also performed in accordance with the principle “the brighter, the better”. The face is bleached not natural with many products.

  • A mandatory part of the wedding bedouin are the ritual dances and lavish fetes. Curious tourists can be invited, but for this, there are than give money to young people.

  • During the party, necessarily also read the Quran. Reading accompanied by music.
  • On the tables are served the traditional dishes: lamb with rice with sauce fermented sweet dough with butter and honey, maqluba (plov , a traditional tea and hibiscus. A special place is a spicy soup with spices. It is believed that should trigger the passion in the newlyweds for their children to be born as soon as possible.

How to file for divorce

  • The procedure for the divorce in Egypt is not complicated. For this, a man should say the word “Talaaq” three times (divorce in Islam). However, despite the simplicity of the process, the divorce is something rare in this country. According to the traditions of Islam, the family is sacred and a good reason is necessary for the separation. However, the initiator of the break in relations may be the woman.
  • Cannot contract a new marriage in Egypt before the 100 days after the divorce.

  • To say “Talaaq” once or twice does not mean anything: after this, the couple can reconcile and continue the family life. After the third time, the marriage is considered null and void. If the spouses decide to reconcile, the wife must marry another man, divorce him, and only after that re-allying with your ex-husband.

  • For christians, the reason for the divorce is adultery or conversion.

  • In Egypt, the divorces are not welcome, therefore, the state institutions (courts, mosques, notaries) slow down intentionally in the examination of the divorce proceedings. This is done for the spouses to review their decision and are reconciled.

What family traditions of the egyptians you found most interesting?

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