How come now the exceptional babies who stole our hearts at birth

Every 3 seconds a baby is born in the world. Some of these babies are so unique that his birth catches the attention of all over the Internet. has collected 7 recent photos of some babies only ones who stole our hearts in the past with their incredible stories.

7. The first septillizos survivors in the world

These septillizos were born in 1997. The sonogram showed that the pregnant woman, Bobbi McCaughey, would have 7 children. After this, she and her husband Kenny had the opportunity not to carry the pregnancy to term, given that the chances of that survived were very few. Both spouses were horrified, but took the risk anyway. The doctors were very concerned that not all children would be born healthy. However, all the children survived!

Each year, on the 19th of November, this family celebrates with a holiday huge: it’s 7th birthday, all at once!

6. The twins biological with a different skin color

I believe it or not, these two girls are twin biological! Practically, they have nothing in common when it comes to your appearance. While Marie has dark skin, dark hair and eyes dark brown, and Lucy has fair skin, blue eyes and red hair. This was possible thanks to the miscegenation of her parents. The mother of the girls has roots in jamaican and the father has european roots.

But the color of the skin does not matter when it comes to the family. These sisters have a strong connection between them.

5. The small and smiling Minnesota

This baby turned horizontally in the womb of his mother, who suffered from severe preeclampsia. Without knowing this, his mother did everything possible to try to give birth naturally. After a c-section miracle made it just in time, the baby was born very small and had to be connected immediately to support teams. Obviously, his parents were very worried. But on his fifth day of life, I took this photo. The smile of the small Minnesota gave hope to their parents, and melted the hearts of many on the Internet.

Now, she has grown up and is happy. It is healthy and, in addition, he loves to play football.

4. The twins born holding hands

These twins are identical, that were born holding hands surprised the doctors. Now, Jenna and Gillian Thistlethwaite are the sisters closest in the world. The girls were born with a difference of 45 seconds, and, as soon as they approached, immediately took the hand. All those who were present at the birth were without words.

It’s been 4 years, but nothing has changed, girls are still inseparable.

3. The family with sextillizos

Who does not know the family McGee? Literally exploded the Internet 6 years ago. The couple had 6 children at the same time and starred in a touching photo shoot I could make drop a tear to even the toughest person. Recently, the parents decided to reproduce the photo session with the big kids. And managed to have a photo session adorable!

2. The child with Down syndrome

Noah has Down syndrome. The story told by his father inspired and encouraged many people. The father of Noah with the hope that people understand one day that Down syndrome is not bad. He wrote: “From that day we knew that always we would organise his birth.”

Now, Noah is a healthy child and a curious 7-year-old is beloved by his brother and family.

1. The triplets redheads

These cute babies stole our hearts in 2017. Macy’s, Toby and Sadie leave so happy and relaxed in their photos. The photo shoot was done by Cassandra English. In an interview, she said, “every time you remove a baby, moved, and were disturbed; then, when he returned to put together, calm down. It was really quite amazing”.

Today, the triplets are a year and continue giving us their warm smiles.

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