How to see the popular toys in Japan (we now know why the japanese are so patient)

It seems that Japan will never cease to amaze us with their antics daily. Came the hour of children’s toys, since children in the country of the rising sun also collect soldiers, solve puzzles, and they like the bubbles. But all these things will look very different to what we’re used to. Do you want to know who is Gudetama and how much they like the pudding to the japanese? Then, this article is for you. once again decided to show to his readers the peculiarities of the japanese culture and to boost their morale a little bit.

The hen that lays eggs

We started by the toy, most popular: the chicken. By squeezing the belly of the bird from the rubber you can see how it appears an egg. Such toys are sold in the machines in the streets of Tokyo, where you can also buy a turtle.


The japanese have a special love for the embryos, for that reason, in the egg toy can be found dinosaurs, animals and aliens. But the creators of Hello Kitty made another step forward and came up with a character that conquered all of Asia. Gudetama is an egg yolk eternally sad and lazy, to which they removed without permission of the clear. This bud became a true star: she has her own accounts on social networks, a collection of cosmetics, clothes and accessories, including a network of cafes. The creators claim that Gudetama is not a character depressed, but that just isn’t so motivated, that’s why, with all your physical appearance says: “I, I’m not going anywhere, just let me in peace!”.

Tuttuki Bako

Tuttuki Bako is one of the games most rare and popular among the japanese. To begin play, put the finger to the box. There are several games to choose from: move the panda on the wheel, tapping to the residents the sea, touching the face or even play with strange creatures.

The soldiers are fat and cute

Can you think of what to do with the soldiers green that our parents coleccionaban in childhood? The japanese became chubs and frequently placed them in “places where there is war”: in the food.

Fruits zombie

In what country, apart from Japan, you might see the fruits zombie? The first edition of the toys proved to be so successful that the decision was made to launch several collections. Bananas, grapes and cherries are joined by lychee, lemon, peach, melon, and the monster is the main durio. Watch with your own eyes here.

The dolls for the vessels

The decorations are lovely for glasses for years are at the peak of popularity both among children as among adults. Fuchiko, so call this pretty girl, is sold in a set, and each figure reflects the state of mood emotional of the wrist.


This picture above is not here by mistake, nor is it an article about lifehacks culinary, but that is a puzzle in the japanese version. Say that the puzzles that consist of many elements, you calm down. What you would risk to solve a puzzle with the image of soy beans, which consists of 300 details under a state of stress? Do you think that that is all? You’re wrong. To make the task even more, in the box, we can find the chopsticks, with which it is proposed to resolve the puzzle.

The saucer traditional japanese: ikizukuri

Ikizukuri is a dish of different sea animals that should be eaten alive. It would be too simple if the japanese producers of toys given to the children the fish ready to serve and cut. For a start, the child will have to make the toy with his hands, to prepare the mixture, placing it in forms and then you will have to learn to serve properly and eat the dish. Here you can see how to prepare the fish and cut it.

The shark

Why do we need such a toy? The producer says that this fight is perfectly stress. The toy has two variants: with a hand and a leg. Here you can see what parts of the body jump out from the mouth of a shark.

The robot that claps

In this photo is captured Big Clapper, he knows how to clap and also knows how to say several phrases that lift your mood. But this model is not for domestic use: the creator says that his invention would look great in the entrance of a store and is willing to sell it for 4,5 thousand dollars. However, there are robots manuals that are also capable of aplaudirte at any time, it seems that there is nothing special, but at the same time, it is very popular.

The pen 3D bubbles

All that is needed is to put liquid soap inside of the pen and jump-start your fantasy. The set consists of the pen, support for the creations of a bubble, spatula, decorating items: eyes, ears, noses, among others, and also accessories to create different shapes, such as emoji or stars. Possibly, the child play with these toys are becoming a real barista to grow.

Bonus: the pudding huge

The japanese love the puddings and often prepare them in small ways. But now, the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun have the chance to make a bucket full of his favorite dessert at home. Here you can see the mode of preparation of such delight, and to see how a girl was able to eat 3 kilograms full of pudding.

What was your favorite toy when you were a child?

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