How to use IGTV, the “YouTube” Instagram

Yesterday was presented the already-rumored “YouTube” of Instagram, which the company has christened as IGTV, something like Instagram, Television, and in where users can upload videos of 10 minutes, while others will be able to upload up to one hour of video, matching the time you have in this moment the live broadcasts on the platform.

Until yesterday the limit for uploading videos to the platform was 1 min, while that of the Stories is and will continue to be 14 seconds. I say this because it is important not to confuse IGTV with the current Stories, as this is a totally different product, and is intended to attract an audience in specific.

Instagram launches IGTV, your “YouTube” vertical with full length videos

To use IGTV there are two ways:

  • You can download the app on Android or iOS, and subsequently log in with your account of Instagram.
  • You can also update Instagram, and in the top right you will see the icon of IGTV.

Since you have IGTV you’ll be able to view the contents of other users who already follow on Instagram, or, you can upload yours. To do this you need to go to the option of the gear in the top right, and create a channel, after this you can start to upload your videos long.

You will have the option of uploading videos only in portrait format, must also have a minimum time of 15 seconds and maximum of 10 minutes. You can upload a video from your camera, one that you’ve already uploaded to Instagram, your Stories, etc, For this reason I told you that we should not confuse IGTV with the Stories, even though they may be uploaded to this new tool, the Stories continue to appear in the top of the application and will continue to have the same duration.

Some content creators of Instagram have the option to upload content for up to an hour, but always and when they are videos in vertical format, as mentioned by the CEO of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, IGTV is intended to be used in smartphones.

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It is important to mention that the videos of IGTV play in automatic, so consider this before using the function, since it might consume a significant amount of mobile data if you’re not connected to a WiFi network.

Can certainly be an interesting competitor to YouTube, because even some bands of music are already uploading content to Instagram, although I find it hard to believe that it will replace YouTube in the short or medium term.

Are you already using IGTV?, what did you like?

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