How to see the Cry of Independence and the fight of “Canelo” Internet

The day of tomorrow, the current president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto will give his last Cry of Independence in the Zocalo of Mexico City, all this to give the start to one of the celebrations that define mexican culture, in which we recall the moments in which a group of men and women fought to give freedom to the mexican people.

The Cry of Independence usually begins around 11 in the night, and in general the governor of each State of the Republic performs the Scream in the office of Governor, however, this year there will be a fight of box during the Cry of Independence.

Enrique Peña Nieto will give his last Cry of Independence at the National Palace of the CDMX in point of 23:00 hours, however, we must not forget that at 22:00 hours starts the fight boxing between Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Golovkin, which is why the Cry and the fight is empalmarán to 23:00 hours.

Visit the places where he began the Independence of Mexico with Google Street View

TV Azteca

The transmission of all the event will begin at 22:00 hours for Aztec 1, and you can enjoy it from your website On the other hand, if you have cable television services as Total Play, Megacable, or Izzi, then you’ll be able to enjoy the transmission from your application official for mobile devices and web sites.

If you want to see the fight between Canelo and Golovkin can do exactly the same thing, but from the signal of Aztec Sports, which also has its own web site. Remember that the fight begins on the dot of 22:00 hours simultaneously with Las Vegas, however, as a matter of the advertisers end up with 1 round and a half of difference with the transmission that will be in the united States.


In the case of Televisa, the Cry of Independence, will be tránsmitido by the channel 2, known as the Channel of the Stars, and the event will begin on the dot of 22:00 hours. On the other hand, the fight of “Canelo” you can see on Channel 5 at the same time, or well, in the web site


Space is one of the companies that have the transmission rights in the united States, and if you want to see the fight without so many commercial and in real time with what is going on in Las Vegas, then this is the best option.

If your television provider of cable gives you Space, then you’ll be able to see it by the application or the company’s web site on the dot of 22:00 hours, time of Mexico City.


Here the situation is different, because the event on the Internet HBO is PPV (Pay Per View), which means that you need to pay a little over $ 80 (1600 pesos) to watch the fight, and no, it will not be broadcast live on HBO Go, as it will be published in the catalog a week after the event. and Partners.

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