How to dress with style without thinking all day on how you look from behind (turn the attention of the buttocks imperfect)

Often, the buttocks is the most problematic part of the female figure. Volume insufficient or excessive, a way that you don’t like, we find it hard to evaluate them completely, and do not stop to criticize them.

The correction of the shape and the volume of the buttocks with the help of sports is a long process, but with the help of the right clothing, it can be done much faster.

In we have collected various forms of “camouflage” for all the girls to take to the streets in a good mood, without worrying about your image that is not ideal.

Below, we describe the most common types of buttocks and ways of presenting them in the best possible way.

Buttocks low

Even if you do not have excess weight, the buttocks low reduce visually the legs and they look more heavy. To adjust the silhouette, it is important to choose clothes not only for bottom, but also to the top, as well as pay attention to the color combination.

Rise of the buttocks, visually or divert the attention:

  • jeans or classic pants of high waist, widened from the hip + high heels;
  • pants-gauchos any color and cut;
  • dresses empire style (high waist, the loose fitting bottom);
  • dresses straight cut entallados (the bottom of the dress has to fit well to the hips nor is it to be narrowed, in addition, the thick fabric will increase the volume)

Concentrate on the upper part of the body — bright colors, strapless, open back, and for the bottom, choose the fabrics matte.

Glutes with “chaps”

As a general rule, the girls with body in the shape of a pear tend to suffer from “chaps”, when the buttocks are heavy and the upper part of the body is very thin.

If you want to hide the “chaps”, look at the skirts of the following styles:

  • skirt-pencil of straight cut;
  • skirts-trapeze and full skirts (a waistband high will emphasize the waist and the flat belly and will divert even more attention from the hips).

Don’t forget the dresses:

  • an ideal choice are the dresses entallados straight-cut or cut trapezoid.

The best pants are:

  • widened from the hip;
  • straight cut.

Hides the “chaps” with the help of colors:

  • vertical stripes, multi-colored, floral patterns small are champions of camouflage;
  • side stripes (visually reduce the volume of the hips).

Buttocks flat

Usually, the butt shots are the privilege of the women of narrow hips, but it often happens that the hips are wide enough, but the volume of the back is insufficient.

If you have narrow hips, submit them in a stylish way. The ideal options for you are:

  • pants straight wide;
  • jeans and pants with accents on the buttocks (pockets, wide belts, zippers, scratches) will ensure that your shapes are more round visually;
  • jeans of loose cut in the area of the buttocks;
  • skirt silhouette péplum or the top that simulates a péplum, a tulip skirt, pleated skirts;
  • top dark in combination with the bright background or light;
  • linen fabrics are dense to hold the shape.

To disguise flat buttocks with the hips and the sides bulky will help you:

  • trousers and jeans straight cut with classic stripe;
  • full skirts and skirts-trapeze + high heels;
  • emphasis on the waist;
  • baggy pants and flared;
  • long skirt with flight type A.

Buttocks large

The best ally of big buttocks is an elongated silhouette.


  • straight cuts of skirts and trousers (excluding adjusted) + heels;
  • vertical stripes or side in the form of ornament;
  • flare gently from the knee;
  • the clothes that emphasize the waist with sparkly detail with the lower part of discrete colors (no wear);
  • emphasis on the upper part of the body (bright colors, scarves, costume jewelry);
  • dresses (with the emphasis required of the waist).

Are you satisfied with your reflection “post” in the mirror? What clothes you wear to feel secure?

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