How to travel through time with Google Street View

Google Maps is one of the most successful and used today. Who has not had to search for an address in the always reliable tool of the big G?, well, if you already used Google Maps you probably know that there is another tool within the platform called Street View, with which you can guide you through the streets of all the world thanks to the photographs that Google is taking constantly for the world.

Well, the Street View hides some interesting tricks, and one of them will allow you to travel through time. Who tell you that it is impossible to travel through time is not possible, because we must tell you that is not entirely true, and at least it is possible to do it digitally, and in Google Street View, so here we will show you how you can do it.

Tricks for Google Maps that you must learn to master

The first thing we need to do is open Google Maps and enter the address where you want to travel to the past.

  • Once placed the point of interest, we have to take Pegman, that is the yellow man representative of Street View which is located at the bottom right of the screen.

  • Drag and drop it on the point of starting to go to Street View.
  • In the top left you will see the information of the place in a box, and here you will see the tool to travel back in time, which is represented with a stopwatch.

  • If we press we can see that same place years ago, and of course we can do a tour around to see how everything was before.

It is important to mention that this option only allows you to travel to the past, and is not available in all the places where you can take a virtual tour of Street View, however, the number of places available is enormous, so surely you’ll have a good time pretty entertaining.

Soon we will have more interesting tricks that you can use to exploit Google Maps, Google Earth and other popular services. and Partners.

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