How do you live and what is fed Chuando So? A man who seems to have 20 years to 50

Chuando So is a photographer from Singapore that attracted attention from all over the world to photograph not only to others but also to himself. Perhaps you ask, “Well, what’s the problem?”. It’s about the appearance of this man and his identity document. Chuando was born in 1967, that is to say, now he is 51 years old and looks, as many have noticed, as if he had 20 years ago. What is your secret? decided to solve the mystery and discovered how it lives, what it does and what it feeds this “Dorian Gray,” contemporary. Perhaps we can discover the secret of eternal youth?

How it all began?

It is known that the singaporean, in the 1980s, he worked as a model, and in the 1990s managed to become a pop singer. But the career on the stage did not last long, So you chose another occupation: photography. One day, in the place of his works, As he published a photo of himself. Then it all began.

“I opened the account in Instagram by following the advice of my friend, because the photographer must be socially active. To vary a little the full account of my works, I uploaded a few pictures of me, to be able to share my ideas in the comments next to the photos”, said the photographer in one of the interviews.

The users were fixed immediately So no changes to anything and does not look his age of 51 years. Some people think that it is due to genetics. Others believe that it is by the place of residence, because in Singapore the air is little polluted, the medicine is highly developed and the food is of high quality. But, to be safe, let’s look at how the photographer spends the day.

Eat 6 eggs for breakfast

So it adheres to the principle “you Are what you eat” and believe that the condition and appearance of the body depends on a 70% food and 30% exercise. Therefore, for breakfast eat 6 hard boiled eggs, of which only 2 contain egg yolks (due to cholesterol). And also a glass of milk and, sometimes, avocado with berries. What gives you protein and energy to start the day.

In addition to the eggs during the day, eats chicken with rice, grilled vegetables or fish soup with vegetables. “The ice cream is my weakness, so as at times, but only in the morning”, says the photographer. Also avoid coffee and tea, but drink plenty of water. Don’t smoke and don’t drink alcohol, and in the evening eat a salad of fresh vegetables.

Spends about 90 minutes in the training

4 times a week (or at least 3 if you are very busy), So find time for weight training, which doesn’t take more than 30 minutes. After weight training, always follow the cardio exercise, however, due to a knee injury, does not run, but walk on the treadmill. Also try to practice swimming every day: going to the swimming pool in the evening and nothing for about an hour.

Does only what you like

It may seem trivial, but how many people actually do what they want? Perhaps this is the secret of youth? After all, what you do has an effect on the mentality and, therefore, all over the body.

“I have tried many different jobs, and I stopped in for what I really like. I love people, I love to communicate, organize sessions and take photos. If you’re doing something you don’t like it, then you will feel bad, and this affects the health ”, ensures So.

Do not use products for skin care

Some believe that the singaporean obviously resorted to cosmetic products. But this is what he says: “I have sensitive skin, so I’m only using 2 cosmetic products every day: a gel for washing the face and a hydrating facial”.

Once they gave a session of botox, I tried it, but was disappointed with the effect, since it prevents the cosmetologists. And yet, As he admits that have the hair dyed, already at this age have a lot of gray.

Do not take a bath later

In fact, try going to bed before 23:00 and gets up early every day. So you are sure that the night work or watch movies in the middle of the night does not benefit the health. And to have a quality sleep, stops eating 5-6 hours before bed.

“Believe me, going to bed early is worth it. After having slept well, you’ll be able to do many more things than if you had worked at night”, says Chuando.

What is the secret?

As often happens, everything is simple: dream job, adequate nutrition, sleep and physical exercise. The same agenda keep: Jared Leto, Chris Evans, Margot Robbie and many other celebrities. You must admit that all of them look younger than their age, although ensure that you are not turned to plastic surgery. But who knows. What do you think?

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