Share your route in real-time from Google Maps in iOS

The recent updates that it is carrying out Google Maps, the users of iOS can take care of their loved ones and themselves, thanks to which from now on will be able to share your route in real-time.

The main purpose of this implementation is that Apple users see on their devices a useful tool that was only and exclusively on the Android.

ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), name of the function, the users can share their route and location for other parties to know where they are going, the estimated time it will take to arrive and if there was any drawback in the way.

This mentioned the product manager in the application of maps, Samuel Mclean, who support one hundred percent the idea of bringing this project to the smartphones of Apple:

“Getting to where it needs to go is paramount, but getting to your destination safely is the most important thing of all. Today, Google Maps is improving the journey shared in Android and what it is bringing to iOS”.

Based on that, comes another of the central missions of this update: the safety of users because they are avoiding using a cell phone while driving, as they will not have to be answering messages to say how much time it takes to get to their destination.

This is a useful tool that everyone can use, since its operation is really simple, you only need to determine the route (departure and destination) and select the option estimated Time of arrival, which appears at the bottom of the screen and Say where you’re going.

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In this way, the app will be able to tell your contacts, your route and real-time location, either by text message, WhatsApp and even Bluetooth, in addition may be published on Facebook, Messenger, and Line.

The location will be shared when the person has reached their destination and their friends and families to have the certainty that everything his way was safe.

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