With Gorilla Glass the 6, your phone may drop up to 15 times and nothing will happen

It is normal that every two years, Corning the company that manufactures the crystals of the iPhone, to launch a new version of screens that are becoming more resistant and that will avoid major damage to your cell phone.

Gorilla Glass is the sixth generation of glass/crystals that have been made, this means that it is more solid than the previous, even say that it is capable of holding up to 15 drops a metre tall and the phone is still in optimal conditions.

It is even safe from the scratches, because there were tests where we saw him rubbing against keys, coins and up to sand, and the crystal remained intact.

In order to improve the crystal of the past generation, developed a Gorilla Glass totally new to this chemically toughened and which has higher levels of compression, making it more solid and helping the fracture is much less serious.

The new glass is ready to be used and according to the information issued by CNBC, it could be used in the next-generation iPhone that will come in this year.

In addition, be implementing the hardness of the glass, the company wanted to that this was different from all the others, so it offers a great variety of designs to users, who want to each device, and tool use reflect your personality.

You know the housing that intelligently detects when your phone will fall

To achieve this, the company use the technology Ink-Jet not only allows you to change the color, but it will also be possible to have different textures to each crystal, which results in a good aesthetic appearance but also a tool to make it more resistant to falls and scratches.

If what you really want is to make his own stamp on the glass, you can also do this, as you will be able to put images or your own designs that you want without having any problem to do it.

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