With the help of materials improvised and without additional costs, this guy from Thailand can become any character

To imitate your favorite character, almost always you have to spend a lot of time and money: buy a suitable wig, clothes, not to mention the makeup. But there is a cosplayer that has crazed the Internet to break those stereotypes and prove that creativity is more important than the financial costs. Anucha Saengchart, known as Cha, know how to become a wanderer white with the help of a couple of candy, and be Spock without leaving the bathroom.

In Great.guru we are confident that the fantasy has no limits, and we highly appreciate these transformations fun and original.

1. A pair of legs of chicken, and voila! The boxing gloves are ready

2. If in your house you have a cigarette lighter, then you no longer need to dream of with glasses laser

3. A disguise that allows you to imitate your favorite character and get rid of stress at the same time

4. Sometimes cosplay requires only a part of the body

5. Can all become Spock without leaving the bathroom

6. This superhero will save you from heat in the summer

7. Ever wonder what were those rules? Now you know

8. The technology of the future is not as complex as it might seem

9. Buzz Lightyear of low-cost

10. We’re safe!! So they filmed the James Bond movie

11. Use unexpected to the legs of chicken

12. An option for those who not played enough in childhood

13. If there are cats in the house, then they should be used for good things

14. Rick cucumber, or what are they used for the CD’s in 2018?

15. For the image of a hiker white you will need: a cat, 2 candy blue color and some keyboards

You can see all the works of this ingenious cosplayer on their official page in Facebook. What do you think about the wit Cha?

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