Do with or without socks? 10 types of shoes for men that it is time to learn how to properly use

We have just arrived in desacostumbrarnos of the appearance comic the sandals with socks, and hair stylists as we launched new puzzles: loafers, brogue, monkstrap, oxford. Do you stock up a suitcase of socks, or now all your shoes can be worn with bare feet? has decided to understand once and for all, the rules of combination of the pair “shoes — socks”; he dabbled in the trend sockless and, by the way, he discovered what kind of clothes combined with each model.

1. Loafers

The moccasins: a “bud” light to the feet, made of leather or suede. Were invented by the american indians to move silently for long distances. This kind of shoe is ideal for warm days, when there isn’t a cloud in the sky.

Do with or without socks? No, especially if the surface of the shoes is perforated and the fabric of the sock is visible through the holes. In other cases, it is acceptable to wear invisible socks.

With what do you use? Pants, shorts or knee-length, light shades and natural materials such as cotton or linen.

2. Top-Sider

This kind of shoes, originally of use female, it has a characteristic difference with the loafers: a lace ring around the heel, which is adjusted from the front. On the slippery deck, to the Top-Siders were created in the first place (top-sider translates as “top cover”), this prevents the shoes from sliding off of the foot. The surface of the sole is always wavy.

Do with or without socks? Always without. The Top-Sider was used a lot after having gotten in the water, when the feet are still wet. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be to wear socks in that situation. We don’t want to think about it.

With what do you use? Any kind of clothing that is appropriate for sailing on a yacht, especially pants, light-colored polo shirts or shirts loose.

3. Loafers

The loafers are creating a shoemaker Norwegian, which modified the traditional shoes of the fishermen of the north. It is characterized by the absence of laces, and a strap horizontally on the front. This detail can be decorated with tassels (tassels loafers) or a slit in the form of diamond (penny loafers). The slippers are also a variety of loafers, made of smooth suede or velvet.

Do with or without socks? With socks, if you’re going to combine them with a business suit. And, unlike the classic shoes, it is better to choose for the loafers unusual options contrast. The slippers are worn without socks.

With what do you use? Thanks to the incentive of the fashion house Gucci, loafers can be worn even with business suits but without a tie. We also suggest combining the model with jeans and tight pants of any color. The slippers were created for use at home, but today you can find on the high street, completing a look that deliberately neglected.

4. Canvas shoes

When in the city it’s too hot, the men do not have to go necessarily to use open sandals. The espadrilles are a shoe invented in the FOURTEENTH century by the spaniards, tired of the constant heat. They are easy to recognize by the sole, woven jute, and the top firm canvas dense; in the classical models the tip is closed.

Do with or without socks? Without. Shoes allow the foot to breathe, so you sweat a little.

With what do you use? This shoe combines perfectly with any kind of clothing men summer, with the exception of the beach and the business suit is classic. You can wear them with jeans clear, with chinos, with pants above the ankles, shorts or capri pants.

5. Slip-ons

Shoes surf appeared in 1997. The characteristics of the slip-ons are the total lack of lacing (will be replaced by two elastic inserts), and a flat sole solid without heels. The modern models can be made of leather, suede, fabric or high-tech fibers.

Do with or without socks? Without. As the slip-on shoes “beach”, put on socks is a sign of bad taste.

With what do you use? Fans of the slip-ons come in a variety of combinations: beach wear, casual and business suits relaxed. But to combine them with a suit or with black pants formal, it is best to choose skin models. The slip-ons suede and fabric combine well with shorts, with chinos, with jeans clear and colourful and shirts stylish.

6. Canvas sneakers

The legendary Converse All Star, and any of its variations that expose the ankle, may be the most comfortable option to get around the city. In 1957, Converse, along with the basketball player Chuck Taylor (Charles `Chuck` H. Taylor) presented the new running shoes, low cut. Later, the model was moved from the sports world to the shelves of shoes of regular students, business men and rich people.

Do with or without socks? As you want to. In the beginning, it was supposed that the canvas sneakers only should be used with bare feet to get it tight. Now, there are no rules so strict; the main thing is to choose socks that are not seen.

With what do you use? Imply a complete freedom of choice of clothing, since garments purely sports to casual styles and elements 90, such as jackets and jeans faded. But there is a rule: the shoes low-cut look more attractive with tight jeans and not loose.

7. Sports shoes

These shoes are the traditional footwear for doing sports. Today there are many types of models, but all are characterized by being comfortable to walk, run or perform any other physical activity.

Do with or without socks? With socks. Unlike canvas shoes, the sport is only used with socks to protect the soles of the feet from sweating and friction. For models of daily use, it is best to choose socks, sports shorts, which are visible on the cutting side of the shoes. In regards to the professional sport that is used to train, the best option are the socks high made of natural materials that allow for easy breathing.

With what do you use? Given that the sneakers have been successfully migrated from the gym to the streets, the tips of its compatibility with all sorts of things are very much to the fore. The shoes can be combined perfectly with loose jeans, cargo pants and any model of sport. As a top, you can choose a t-shirt, a sweatshirt or plaid shirt.

8. Brogue

Leather shoes thick and strong, with ojetera open, were designed for the first time, a portly earl of Derby. In 1872, the press said that is the model of shoes more popular and more comfortable. Now the derby are close relatives of the classic shoes, but less formal. The brogue are a variety of the derby, but with the perforated surface.

Do with or without socks? In most cases, the use of the shoes supposed to use socks high, up to half of the twins. An exception is the combination of the derby soles sport with chinos or light jeans.

With what do you use? Shoes dark smooth skin can be combined with a business suit but not a tuxedo. Models of light-colored or saturated combined with any pant and jean. The derby double sole dark brown used with tweed suits, garments, corduroy, wool clothing, jackets and waterproofs. The brogue are perfect for long jackets, fur garments, t-shirts and denim.

9. Monkstrap

Shoes with buckles are solid instead of laces are an option of the same formality that the derby. The name of the monkstrap (of monk, monk in English) is due to the history of its creation: it is believed that the one who invented this shoe buttress closed and buckles was a cleric. There are 2 types of this shoe: single monk (with a buckle) and double monk (with two). The first option is considered more formal.

Do with or without socks? Depends on the time of year, material and model. The monkstrap suede clear or strong colors can be used with bare feet. The dark single monk classics are worn with socks of fine wool or silk. The casual monkstrap leather with two buckles look better with the socks high.

With what do you use? They combine well with any skinny pant or hemmed pants, suits pieces of different colors, or with bléiser. Do not overdo it with colourful fabrics, and unusual: the monkstrap meet perfectly the function of an item of clothing by themselves. The single monk of soft skin in dark tones combine with business suits, with the exception of tuxedos.

10. Oxford

The refined and conservative oxford are the ideal choice to go to the wedding of the best friend, to an interview or an appointment at the restaurant, the more pretentious of the city. Are considered the most formal of all footwear for men, and it is not for nothing. In comparison with the derby, the oxford have a midsole more delicate, a design that is more laconic and lace-up more closed that secure the foot firmly.

Do with or without socks? Only with socks. For a formal business meeting it is better to choose a few socks of the same color as the pants. For informal meetings and a casual style elegant, options are allowed in contrasting colors with pants shortened or hemmed.

What is it used for? The best of oxford is that it is impossible to exaggerate with the classic: choose a tuxedo for a gala black, noble gray tones or a business suit chocolate brown, as well as all versions of casual style elegant. The oxford of suede can be combined up with a short sleeve shirt and pants, narrow dark, but it is already a deviation from the rules.


Hardly able to say that the trend sockless is synonymous with comfort: the shoes may cause blisters or tighten the foot barefoot. We suggest not sacrificing comfort and avoid all the unpleasant situations.

  • Before leaving the house, wash and dry the feet with a towel; this will remove the sweat and the unpleasant odor.
  • Use a deodorant pédico or a powder of quality: the product will absorb excess moisture and desodorizará feet.
  • In the summer, at least once a month, get a pedicure hygienic to get rid of corns and calluses, and avoid the appearance of ingrown toenails.
  • If the shoe causes blistering in a particular place, it will help the inserts of silicone to the feet.

We have examined the classical rules of combination for mens shoes clothing and socks, suitable for any situation. Now you can go for a sail on a yacht, or even a reception of the queen, and looking impeccable.

And what are the rules of combination of shoes with clothes that still you?

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