Get to know 10 simple methods to convert your home into one wonderful

The remodels are one of the most lengthy and expensive, but if you focus well on them, you’ll be able to transform your home with style and without spending a lot of money. found a few simple methods to make your home comfortable, happy and welcoming without making large expenses.

1. The frames serve not only for the photos

See the frames from another perspective. Ask for one mirror or television in a workshop. You can make with your own hands a few frames for plugs or switches. This concept will make your interior more visually rich and will add to your home aesthetics as that of the palaces.

2. Zoning of the space

It accentuates the areas discreetly and your interior will be more cozy and comfortable, you’ll feel a sense of privacy. It is not necessary to create artificial barriers or put up shelves large. It is sufficient to paint one part of the wall another color or put on the floor linoleum. Especially this would allow for the apartments type studio or small dimensions.

3. Decorates the simple things

The usual things can be converted to special details of your interior if you change a little bit. A new fixture is expensive, but if you paint and you draw something on the ceiling, will get something nice, as an object of design that always steal the glances of your guests. Another example: you can do the same with the doors of the dresser.

4. Change the head of the bed

The bed is one of the main objects, it depends on the decor of the bedroom. Focus on the header and the space will be transformed.

5. Change the handles

The shops are full of creative accessories. Use them to change the handles of the doors, chests and cabinets. It will not take much time or money, but will play an important role in your comfort.

6. Decorate what you can’t hide

Each interior has things that make you look bad to your room, but you can not imagine life without them. In most cases, to hide or conceal. If you have a home heater, you can use it as a decorative object, it only adds a bit of color. There are to wrap the outside wires with a decorative ribbon or make an ornament on the wall.

7. Use the space above

If your department does lack space and it seems that just moving will solve your problem, with a staircase will suffice. Do not fear the high shelves, make them up to the level of the ceiling. The dust will not be stored and you will have more space in your bedroom.

8. Used skirting boards

The rodadapiés modern are made of polyurethane, so anyone can buy them. You can paint to decorate the walls and flatten the corners. The skirting boards are chosen properly, visually they can look as trim and will add a chic touch to the interior.

9. Leaves the roofs in peace

Sometimes the correct variant is cheap and simple. Do not use the roof bracing, these materials of ornament are quite expensive, in addition, reduce from 4 to 7 inches of ceiling height. It shall suffice to ground the surface and paint it. The money that you saved, spend it on lamps beautiful.

10. Creates illusions

The mirrors create a better illusion. Hang them together on a single wall, replace any decor and will be a great choice for photos, paintings and posters. In addition, the mirrors give more light to your bedroom and expand the space visually. This especially could be useful for the bedrooms small.

Another important tip: don’t be afraid to break stereotypes, underlining your originality in the design, leaving a bit place for new fantasies.

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