You know the 10 Android smartphones world’s most powerful

The reports of Antutu are always reason to pay attention. In his most recent stint included an assessment of the 10 Android smartphones that are more powerful and the first thing that stands out is that the chinese smartphones are totally the first sites.

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According to the becnhmark updated to the month of June of 2018, the first place of the list is the Black Shark, Xiaomi, followed by the exotic Live NEX without frames, and the OnePlus 6, which rounded off the podium.

The first smartphone is not chinese that appears in the list is the Samsung Galaxy S9+ in the sixth site, the other star of the house south korea, the Galaxy S9 just got the eighth place, while the Xperia XZ2 japanese manufacturing is going to the place 9.

The top ten is completed by the other devices also chinese: Smartisan R1 (5th. Place), My Mix 2s (7th. Place), and the Nubian Network Magic, designed for games (10th. Place).

A common denominator between all these phones is that they have the miraculous Snapdragon processor 845 Qualcomm. The scores assigned by Antutu are the average of each model according to measurements carried out between the 1st and the 30th of June.

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You may wonder why the powerful OPPO Find X is not in the list. And the answer is that is not yet available in the market, but when you arrive, is sure to rearrange the payroll.

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