Know some reasons why your phone becomes slow

One of the worst situations a person may face in current times, it is that you are making an important call, by sending an e-mail essential or searching for a solution to a problem that you have, and your cell phone starts to become slow and cause it to become useless before the urgent situation.

This fact can be due to many things, the main one is the care that has been given, because if you’ve been dropped, wet, scratched, or any situation that involves bumps rough, it is a bit obvious and it makes sense for this to happen, but if it is the opposite, and you care as a newborn baby, then it may be due to other situations.

Some of the reasons that make this is made with frequency and that the reset does not work nor is a option, should be to the computer itself, and not something you’ve done, at least not intentionally.

  • Old battery

Although not created, this is one of the most common causes of why a cell is slow, and is somewhat logical, since if the battery is old, will not have enough power to carry out the functions that we ask or need it.

Perhaps the best solution, if not the only, is that you can change the battery or buy a new phone.

  • Lack of memory

Another of the powerful reasons that cause the slowness on your mobile is the lack of space, since in addition to not saving new files, the capacity degradation is optimized in the memory RAM and the internal storage, which causes that the same cell need to juggle to fit the new available space and slow down everything.

  • Apps and operating system

The fact that your phone is updated more heavy the operating system, causing a maximum effort throughout the team, as is give you that extra that you do not have or that was not created.

This same happens with the applications, that are just as heavy as the OS or turn out to be very modern and powerful for the phone, which comes back to the same thing: there can be more than what he can give.

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  • Apps malicious and malware

Downloading an app involves that it can come accompanied by a malware that clogs the screen of annoying ads and that, in turn, collects data, or performs tasks that are not asked to do. While this is not a virus as such, it affects in the same way doing slow our mobile.

  • Data or WiFi poor

The majority of the occasions, if not all, have the phone connected to the Internet, which is a double-edged sword, because thanks to this it is constantly updating the apps, tools and other functions within it, but it is evil for that same fact, since the dependence on a connection network makes that when we are away from one, everything is done slower, as the speed that provides the Internet already not at 100 percent.

These reasons can be prevented and eradicated, it’s just a matter of paying attention to what we do with one of our most important tools and give the needed care.

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