Knows some tricks that you can do with your iPhone

It is well known by all that the update of the iPhone is steady, so far was the innovative iPhone X was considered the best smartphone of the company, to leave the way free to the X, XS and XR.

This means that little by little we have stopped using the models previous to them, however, that does not mean that all Apple users have thrown their cell phones in the trash.

According to this and that there are thousands of people around the world who are still using the models “old” 5 to 9, will be given to know some tricks you can do with them, which although are simple, are still useful.

The next iPhone 5G might arrive until 2020

Home Button Virtual

You may not consider a trick as such, because there is no magic behind it, but it is a tool that can help that you do not wear the Home physical and that in the case of broken or failing, the iPhone can be followed with ease.

To activate it you must only go to the following locations:

  • Settings
  • General
  • Accessibility
  • Assistive Touch

Resultado de imagen para boton home virtual iphone

More volume than normal

It is common that when listening to music, you want to have the maximum volume possible to fully enjoy each of the songs, but the volume of the iPhone does have a limit.

So if you’re one of those who want more volume than normal, you can get it from the speakers of the iPhone, because these will help to broaden the sound.

To make them work is simple, just go to:

  • Settings
  • Music
  • Equalizer

In this last section you must choose the pace that is this listening, to the sounds, they can increase of right way.

Resultado de imagen para ecualizador iphone

Shaking and clearing

Deleting a message is an action that is done fairly, so it must be something fun if it is done
constantly and to do so you can activate the Shake.

It is really simple, so that new account you must follow a quick procedure:

  • Settings
  • Settings
  • General
  • Accessibility
  • Shake to undo and change the option to Enabled

Resultado de imagen para agitar para deshacer iphone

Notifications flashing

A last trick is to have notifications flashing or notifications with flash, which means that each time you get a warning to the iPhone, it is a pledge, which will cause attention immediately.

To have it activated you must do the following:

  • Settings
  • Settings
  • General
  • Accessibility
  • Notices flashing LED

Resultado de imagen para notificaciones con flash iphone and Partners.

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