Known Earth Now, the project to view any part of the Earth from space in real-time

The Land is beautiful, and the view from space looks especially cute. Now imagine being able to see shots of any part of our planet from beyond our atmosphere and in real-time. That is the view of Earth Now, a digital platform that seeks to provide images of our planet second-by-second using the satellites in the orbit.

VIDEO: Travels around the North Pole of Jupiter in 3D courtesy of NASA

Let me start by telling you that Eath Now she is serious, and as proof you are their investors: Bill Gates, Greg Wyler (founder of OneWeb), AirBus and SoftBank. So that resource is not going to remain.

To monitor the entire planet, Earth Now to take the hand of the constellation of satellites that orbit, with the promise that the transmission is generated just have a lag of a minute. Does not depend on which satellites are in range to transmit, according to their site, their users will be able to see any area of the Earth at any time.

The platform is not clear whether that will be directed at the general public, governments, or company, but in the home of your portal ensures that it will serve to detect illegal fishing, forest fires, to track whales, to observe conflicts in real-time, to provide images to the media, efficient, smart cities and everything that can be with a window to the world.

The project is in an early stage at the moment, but it is known that the CEO of Intellectual Ventures, Ruseel Hannigan, has dedicated years to get it on stage where it is. At the moment there is no tentative date to perform the first tests of Earth Now, many for a release, but go that we are interested in meeting her. Can you imagine see what is happening in Paris, or Tokyo, or New York, or San Paulo, right at this moment? Is oak the skin nothing more than think about it.

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