You know the world ranking of countries with the highest speed broadband

The recent study carried out by, Internet service provider british, demonstrated what are the countries that have the best speed broadband and what still are late and having problems with it.

According to the data that was collected, and then threw the exercise in half the average time downloading a movie in quality HD of 5 GB in each region, is as we obtained several results, which showed that the country with the biggest quick it took just 11 minutes and 18 seconds, while the slowest was 36 hours 52 minutes.

In the study, there were more than 160 million tests of broadband speed and is taken into account to 200 countries, this was achieved knowing that the faster is Singapore and those who are in second place are Sweden with 14 seconds and Denmark with 15.

However, the opposing party with access to the Internet over slow, was the nation of Yemen, who has the last place of all the nations with a time of 36 hours, 52 minutes and 20 seconds.

If they wondered where were the regions of Latin america, the answer is in the middle, or something like that because in reality only one of them are there: Chile, since it is positioned a little before the middle of the table, that is to say in the post 92, with a time of 2 hours, 24 minutes and 7 seconds.

Why Mexico is behind with the penetration of broadband in homes?

On the other hand but not far away, are Mexico is in the place 91 with 1.59.58, then this Cuba with 1.57.15, Uruguay after with 1.50.15 and Puerto Rico with 1.39.15.

Following within Latin America, the perores located are: Venezuela, Paraguay, Bolivia, Haiti, Brazil and Nicaragua with more than four hours in a download, in for concrete data takes 9.09.24, 6.35.25, 6.00.00, 4.42.24, 4.24.45 and 4.18.49 respectively.

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