Know the rules that are followed by all members of the british royal family since its birth

Every family has traditions they follow. Sometimes, for the strangest, some of them may be rare and even ridiculous, but for those that do, have a profound meaning. And even more interesting is, if anything, the case of a royal family, due to their traditions to accumulate centuries of history. compiled the protocols, standards and traditions, interesting that from many years ago are still alive in the british royal family.

A minimum of two children

Traditionally, royal families beget at least two children. And this tradition has survived for the past 60 years. No one shall prevent the couple to have more, that would be, so to speak, a free decision. By the way, in the royal family, almost all of the couples have only two children. The only ones who decided to have more were queen Elizabeth II and the duke of Edinburgh. Now, the couple of the Duke and duchess of Cambridge has decided to follow their example: they expect their third child.

A correct posture

The women of the royal family can not sit as they wish. Can’t put one leg over the other. The correct position of the legs is based on the knees together. You can cross your ankles, bending your knees slightly to one side.

The sex of the baby, during pregnancy, is a secret

In the british royal family does not fall into their habits to reveal the sex of the baby during the pregnancy. Everything is kept in the strictest confidence prior to the birth. Society loves to speculate on this, make your bets, with a particular focus on the dress of the duchess and, in particular, to the color that it uses.

Special protocol

The royal family walks in and sits down also, following a certain order. For example, the husband of queen Elizabeth II can’t walk to your vera, almost always makes it a little bit further back. There is also a custom special to go when you take a seat: in the first place, sits Elizabeth II with the Duke of Edinburgh after prince Charles with his wife. We follow the prince William with the Duchess of Cambridge.

Following the Queen

In a large reception area, all are guided by the behavior of the monarch. Above all, attending to the detail of that if she is done eating, just at that same time, absolutely all the guests at the table must end also.

To observe a birth, reserved to the women

It should be noted that even if you gave birth at home, the child’s father could not be with his wife. Princess Diana was the first to break with the tradition of doing it at home. But, like several centuries ago, no man can be present in this act. This custom resides on the grounds that it is a process purely reserved for them.

Tea time

We all know how much attention is devoted to the ritual of tea in the United Kingdom. And for that it all really is at the height, there are that know how to hold the cup in a correct way. Interestingly, you can not enter the finger in the recess of your handle. Above, the cup must be held down with the thumb and the forefinger underneath, with the middle finger. In any case you can separate the little finger.

A black suit

On any trip, each member of the royal family, imperiously, carries with him a black suit. The royal couple choose the black only in case of mourning and is not used for any event or official act. Therefore, in the baggage they always carry that dress if you die a family member and the situation requires it.

Pregnancies are announced when you spend 12 weeks

Is usually inform of the pregnancy of any member of the royal family past the first 12 weeks. The exception has been Kate Middleton: the duchess feels a strong nausea during your pregnancy, so the family has to explain the cause of their absence in official acts.

Children’s clothing

In regard to children, we find a rule fairly strict: can only wear long trousers for adults. Therefore, regardless of the time of year, the children wear only the shorts. And this dress standard applies, at a minimum, until they reach the age of 8 years.

Myrtle in the bouquet of the bride

The myrtle is a symbol of good luck and happiness in the marriage, so you must be present in the bouquet of the bride. This tradition began with queen Victoria, who was given a myrtle as a gift from the grandmother of her fiance. Now, the myrtle was taken from a tree that grows in the very garden real.

Cannon shots in honor of the prince or the princess

Immediately after the birth of an heir, pays homage to the child and their parents. From the Tower of London, made 62 shots and close to Buckingham Palace, 41 cannon shots.

Announcement of a birth

Announce the birth of a baby is already loved by many. Near the palace is placed an easel gold to which is attached a sheet printed with information about when the baby was born and their sex. This function is also performed by a herald that informs people on the streets of London. The traditional easel until it becomes a place of attraction for some time. The couple of the Duke and duchess of Cambridge are the first to report the birth of their children, also through the press.

Four names

Children born in the royal family can enjoy up to 4 names. Meanwhile, no member of this family has a last name. In the event that this is necessary, instead using the title. For example, the prince George used the surname Cambridge.


Absolutely all the children of the royal family feed on breast milk of their mothers. And this is a known fact and proven. But here we also find one exception: the queen Victoria broke with her, because he believed that breastfeeding was a woman silly.

Gifts from around the world

Usually do gifts to the children of the royal family, who receive it in sufficient quantities. Are given gifts of everyone, from heads of state to common citizens of the kingdom. Part of them are donated to charities, the other is for the family. And these gifts can be very different: from rattles to leggings and scarves of luxury brands.

The link with the royal lineage

If there are relatives of the child that lack of noble title, then, unfortunately, the child cannot have a relationship with them. The tradition allows communication only with the royal lineage. But as is well known, the Duchess of Cambridge has broken this habit, passing lot of time with his family.

The Queen’s birthday

The celebration of the birthday of the Queen should attend absolutely all the members of the royal family. And it doesn’t matter if, for example, yesterday you gave birth or planned to go on vacation. The exceptions are almost impossible, in the birthday party must be all present.

Baby-sitters, specialty

Before you hire a woman as a babysitter for a “small” real, the family prepares special competitions. And there, she not only perfected their skills in the care of the children, but also learn all the safety measures (including driving careful) and even martial arts.

Baptism of newborns

Baptism is the first official presentation of the newborn babies. The access of the press to this kind of acts is strictly prohibited. The leader of the Anglican Church baptizes infants or in Buckingham Palace or in a church chosen by the parents. You can also see that you saw the babies for the baptism with the same dress used in 1841 by Queen Victoria to receive this sacrament.

Refuse of disposable diapers

Strange as it may seem, in the royal family do not use disposable diapers, opt exclusively for the fabric. Although here we also find one exception: in order to take care of the little prince William also used the disposable.

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