Known the first details of Disney’s Play: the new streaming service

The fact that Disney was preparing a new streaming service, surprised many people, because you don’t really know what to expect of the company, because it would be the first time give signs of life outside of the movies that made.

However, the doubts began to dissipate thanks to the information that the same company has revealed, which allows to know the official name and the way that is handled with respect to users.

In this way it is as it is known that the official title of the platform is Disney Play and that in addition to films that they themselves have produced, there will also be series and broadcasts of sporting events.

Also, it has been emphasized that the separation that has Hulu and ESPN+, and other streaming services that you provide to company, because it will only be purchased as part of a special package. The same Robert Iger, CEO of the company, explained how it is that work of these three services:

“If a consumer wants all three, in the last instance, we see the opportunity to package it from a perspective of prices. But it could be that a consumer just wants to sports or want to content family or simply want the offering of Hulu, and we want to be able to offer that kind of flexibility to consumers.”

Iger added that Disney Play, Hulu, and ESPN+, there are to appeal to users of different tastes, so you do not necessarily must be left with a service only when there are multiple options that you can choose, as the content of the own Disney, Marvel, 21st Century Fox, Fox and even ABC, which is also the property of the company.

In the particular case of Marvel, it has already been given to know what will be the first film-exclusive that will be part of Disney’s Play: Captain Marvel, while the last one, which will be launched officially on Netflix, in the same universe, it will be Ant-Man and The Wasp.

Thanks to the information from TechCrunch and the executive director, it is believed that the possible prices that will handle Disney Play, will be based to give a tough competition to Netflix, as it is presumed that it will be much more accessible:

“We believe that there should be nothing near the volume of the Netflix …and the price, by the way, will also reflect a lower volume of product.”

Regarding the release date, Bob Iger commented that the application of Disney to the market will probably do at the end of 2019.

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