Do you know the peculiar Island of the Shells in Africa?

From my point of view, to live is to feel, smell, taste, see, listen to, is to travel. And of all the trips that you make in your life something, you pick up: a cultural learning, is a picture never to be forgotten, or people that surprise you. And this island of Africa is not the exception, it is magical and with a unique particularly sound.

In, we want to share with you a log of travel of those hidden places that we have on our planet, full of cultural diversity and an environment quite authentic. Maybe you’ve never heard of the Island of Shells in Senegal, Africa, a place that is really special.

An hour and A half of Moanda in Democratic Republic of the Congo, starting from the port of Banana in the mouth of the Congo, where it begins a voyage by boat through the mangroves, which leads us to an artificial island whose soil is entirely covered in shells. This island is connected by bridge with the island of Joal-Fadiouth, and by another bridge to a cemetery, where lie the remains of the villagers.

The walk on this island will arise a lot of questions and curiosities, it is a populous place people are very peaceful, 90% of them are catholics and 10 % muslims, and the best thing of this is that living without any kind of problem on their religious ideology, an example for the whole world.

It is also curious to meet with so many children willing to pose in photos with you, perhaps one of the best memories that I take with me to my country after a visit to Africa, happy children, in conditions that many people of the great cities of the world is not guessed to live. It is there when you question, what is it that you really need to be happy?, and as I said at the beginning, each journey leaves you something, maybe this gave me the best lesson of my life, and that is that the money and the purchasing power does not have any relationship with happiness.

The Island of the Shells is entirely unique, filled with hallways that seem a maze, and in the midst of this that characteristic sound that accompanies you when you step on the floor absolutely full of small shells. As you can imagine which was the souvenir I chose to bring my family and friends of this place, yes, the shells.

I imagine that at this point you may be wondering why this place is so, let us begin by understand that it is an island created by the same population for many decades as a solution to the control of the tides, their food of choice are the molluscs, especially clams, and every one that is eaten, thrown to the ground the shell, this is tradition millennial in this place, in fact you can see women and children fishing this product without any kind of sophisticated tool, in depths of 4 to 5 meters, which makes it dangerous and quite daring.

They also have other types of crops, such as cassava, plantain, banana, tomato, coconut, raising goats. His tongue is lingala, spoken in the northwest of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Among the surprises that you get, is able to participate in a catholic celebration, in the midst of muslims, a tolerance worthy of example.

Much of the beautiful scenery that gives us this island are the mangroves, the day Sunday is your day of feast, the women leave their work clothes to dress up in colorful costumes and set with turbans also very eye-catching. That day he attends catholic worship, which lasts approximately 3 to 4 hours, since it will take a lot of time between their choruses and dances in the congolese language lingala.

Without a doubt, it is a place that can not miss in your vacation in Africa, a continent that gives us a respite to our hectic life between highways and cities full of pollution, where you can appreciate the simple things, the gifts of nature, a culture full of mysticism that, contrary to what we all imagine, have much to teach the rest of the inhabitants of our world.

Have you ever heard of this island? Do you know any other place on the planet that you would like to write? Please leave us your answers in the comments section!

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