Consumers ‘ association: ‘Update quickly you insecure Foscam cameras

That the security cameras from Foscam easy to hack, again after examination of the Consumers ‘ association. This can be remedied by a firmware update, which manually needs to be done.

In a new video shows the Consumers how easy it is to have a camera of Foscam to break in. Hackers can code inject in a rogue website and you are there anyway. As soon as you the site in question to visit, one can the camera take over and remote viewing.

For this leak has Foscam now a firmware update is released. But as the owner of such a camera should be that but just know – only a red dot in the settings screen of the app to let you know that there is an upgrade ready. Foscam says this to clarify. As it stands now, is a camera new out of the packaging standard prone to leak.


This vulnerability is present in 56 different models and 2 types of baby monitors of the brand. End we concluded here also that not only the security of Foscam cameras on loose screws, but also by that of Eminent and Alecto cameras. You buy a new security cam? Install always the newest firmware and do not change the default password.

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