Contactless payment in the church with digital collectezak

The collectezak that at the end of a church service there for donations, going with the times. A church in Germany, started a test with the ‘digital klingelbeutel’, either the digital collectezak.

The device is equipped with an interface that contactless payment with a debit or credit card. The part with the bag is also just another part of out, for the churchgoers who, as always, in small money like to donate. The yield is usually partly to charity and partly to the maintenance of the church itself.

Pay with app

It has already a patent on the invention claimed. Nevertheless, it is not the first initiative to this tradition in a more modern jacket to cross. Several Dutch churches have been working for 2016 with the Chrch app, which you after completion of your credit gifts via your smartphone controls. The app has a calendar function and a list of members to offer.

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