Is it advisable to buy the PocoPhone F1 Xiaomi in Mexico at this time?

I’m not going to deny that Xiaomi has created a tremendous hype this year with the launch of the first phone of its sub-PocoPhone, which is known as PocoPhone F1, the team that has also been announced that will arrive to Mexico in an official manner, but for the moment, we do not have information of when or how.

Some rumors mentioned that both the PocoPhone F1 and the Xiaomi Mi A2 could be sold as an official with the opening of the first My Store in Mexico, which will be inaugurated this year, specifically in the month of November, but Xiaomi has not given official information about that.

What is a fact is that the PocoPhone F1 is already sold in Mexico, but not officially, and although I already commented that two problems very common to buy phones from Xiaomi are not official in our country was the theme of the warranty and compatibility with the 4G networks of our country, although the PocoPhone that sells here promises to fix these problems.

One year warranty for the PocoPhone F1

The store that sells it in Mexico is known as Doto, and surely many of you already know her because she used to sell electronic equipment that are not normally available officially in Mexico, so that not only sells phones from Xiaomi.

In the case of the PocoPhone F1, this is selling in its international version at a price of 6,999 MXN version of 6 GB + 64 GB, and to 7,999 MXN 6 GB + 128 GB. In the case of the first model, it is mentioned that there is a discount of 2,000 MXN respect to its price as “normal”, while the second model has a discount of 2,500 MXN respect to the original price.

These prices are without doubt very attractive to be a PocoPhone F1, which as you know is a high-end machine in every rule (except for construction materials), but what makes more attractive this purchase is that Doto promises a year of warranty in case of any manufacturing defect.

Doto mentioned that the warranty runs to your account, that is to say, if the team truly has a problem derived from the manufacture, then change the phone for a totally new one, and that is excellent news, however, we have still a small problem, there is no technical support outside of warranty, so that you will not be able to request a change of battery, screen, or revision in the event of an accident or by issues that are not related to a manufacturing defect.

The Pocophone F1 has the same Achilles heel that the other smartphones of Xiaomi

How does the warranty?

A team of experts will inspect the equipment and decide if the warranty is valid, so do not believe that any question can change your computer for a new one, so we have to be aware that even if the computer has a problem of manufacturing will be Doto, who decides whether or not a detail to validate the warranty.

It is true that once the store of Xiaomi in Mexico you can request here the repair of our equipment the brand, but that is also an assumption, due to the fact that they do not even have official information on its existence means that we don’t know for sure if this shop would give support to teams that have not been sold officially in Mexico, so either we can trust it.

What works with the 4G?

Doto ensures that it works with all operators in the country, so also with the OMV that operate in these networks, so in theory you don’t debéria be no problem, especially because this is the international version, however, there is no record that the IFT has approved the PocoPhone F1 for future sale official by Xiaomi, so this does not ensures that it will work on 4G, especially because Doto says that the team works with operators in Mexico, but it says that it works with the 4G of these operators.

And is that in the description of the product does not appear on the Band 2 and 4, which are the ones that use the operators mexicans to offer 4G in the country, and this is a detail worth considering. And is that although it is known that AT&T and Telcel are doing tests with the band 5 to 4G, the fact that it’s still not official, you can generate intermittency in the service of the customers, but where yes there will be problem will be with all the users of Movistar and its OMV, to use the band 2 to provide service in 4G.

Should I buy it?

For the price you’re offering Doto the PocoPhone F1 I think you should buy it, it is a phone round in all senses, but I recommend that you first ask if you can return the phone, if that does not work with the 4G network of your operator, or, in case you have failures from the beginning, or later on, then not be able to make any claims.

What your you buy this PocoPhone F1? and Partners.

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