Few Cool hacks you can do to your cell phone. Save money and have fun!

cellphone hacks mixedhacks


Check out this cool video from youtube which is going to do the show here on how to hack your own phone and do other cool hacks with your mobile phone. This works on Androids, Old phones like the nokias 3120, also Ios Phone. Just check this out.

This video is produced by Kipkeys which has many other great videos on youtube around this topics.



1. Make more noise with your phone just by using a cup as shown on this image here below:

make more noise with your mobile phone mixedhacks   speakers for mobile phone own made


2. Protect your Mobile phone or maybe other similar products for water, think of whenever you are going to the beach, or taking a trip on a boat where water can splashes on your phone. Just cover your phone in a plastic as shown in the image below. Remember you can always think out of the box by using your imagination.

protect your mobile phone for water

3. While working and having some free time you can improvise by using tools to hang your phone and just have a read or watch a nice great movie.

cool phone hacks at work

4. Ever wanted to make a quick shot picture on your Iphone, but then you first needed to take few seconds to unlock the phone and find the camera appliaction. Well as shown on the image here below you can do that just in 1 second. All Iphones even up to the newest Ios versions you should be able to get this same screen when unlocking your mobile Iphone.

make pictures with locked ios phone


At last watch this great video which has many other cool tips and tricks you can do with almost any kind of mobile phone.


Here we have another great video with 12 tricks and tips on how to take the best selfies on your mobile phone.

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