Court of EU approves purchase of Time Warner by AT&T, what is comes another giant in the streaming?

The novel’s purchase of Time Warner by AT&T just to have a happy ending, at least for AT&T because judge Richard Leon of the federal District court of Columbia in the united States passed the titan of communications was acquired by monster media for 85,000 million dollars.

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Although there is an appeal pending, AT&T will be able to begin operating with immediate effect to pillars of the communication media such as CNN, HBO and Warner Bros. And is that the acquisition comes to the fore particularly because we are talking about the largest telecommunications company in the world by absorbing the third entertainment company that exists, and then there are those who fear of monopolistic practices.

The Department of Justice in the government of president Donald Trump had set up a lawsuit to block the merger, valued at about 85,000 million dollars, arguing that it would hurt competition in the pay tv and it would cost consumers hundreds of millions of dollars more to watching television by streaming.

In a statement, the Attorney-General of the united States said “disappointed” by the decision of the court. “We continue to believe that the market of the pay tv market will be less competitive and less innovative as a result of the proposed merger between AT&T and Time Warner. We will analyze in depth the judicial opinion and we will consider the steps to be taken in the light of our commitment to preserve competition for the benefit of domestic consumers”.

War of the streaming to the next level

According to The Verge, the operation means a “disaster” for the current mandamaces of the market of content streaming, Netflix, and Amazon, which already compete heavily for content coming from Hollywood. Although it also stresses that both companies have been preparing for this by investing remarkable amounts of money in having self-contained high-impact and not rely on the studies.

Other big players such as Disney have already announced that they will launch their own platforms of entertainment services for streaming, so the competition will be much more bloody than to get the subscription of the consumer, who will benefit from the offer.

The judge’s ruling will likely be seen by the giants in technology and telecommunications as a green light to pursue a series of major acquisitions of media.

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