Everyday things that damage our eyes and we don’t realize

According to the World Health Organization, about 253 million people in the world suffer from different visual impairments. 80% of all cases can be prevented or cured. We will talk about the everyday things that are really dangerous for the health of your eyes.

In Great.guru we have compiled a list of 9 things that can damage your eyes.

1. A lamp of fluorescent light that blinks

Fluorescent tubes standard, which are found in almost all offices, do not create a constant light but a light pulsating. The lamp is turned on and off dozens of times per second. These bursts occur more often than can be noticed by the human eye, so that we do not take account of the pulsations. However, due to the prolonged exposure to such light, the eyes become tired faster, working capacity decreases, fatigue increases, and they may even start the pain of a headache.

2. Tanning salon

In Norway and Sweden, conducted a study that involved women who “take sun” regularly in a tanning salon. The scientists concluded that this cosmetic procedure increases the risk of development of melanoma malignant, the most dangerous form of cancer, which can also be localized in the retina. Therefore, when you go to a session of artificial tanning, it is worth to carry lenses special protective that will protect your eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

3. Sunglasses of poor quality

The difference between the lenses of evil and of good quality is that the latter protect from the ultraviolet rays. Putting on sunglasses, “turn off” the mechanism protector natural: when we look at the bright light not entrecerramos the eyes, the pupils do not converge, do not set aside the view. Must operate an artificial barrier of good lenses; if this barrier does not exist, we get a full dose of ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, it is more harmful to use lenses of bad quality than not using them at all.

Another important point is the color of the glass. The best colors for lenses are gray, green, or dark brown. The blue lenses and blue do not protect the eyes from the bright sunlight, the glass yellow and orange excite the nervous system and increase the intraocular pressure, therefore the ophthalmologists do not recommend to use them for a long time.

Other criteria for the lens good is the absence of scratches: the crack smaller in the lens consistently focus your sight and damage the vision.

4. Smoking

Smoking impedes the oxygen flow into the vessels of the eyes, and that’s why there is the risk of muscle atrophy and the development of cataract. It is a disease in which the crystalline lens is opaque, and the view is clouded; it is the main cause of blindness in the world. Studies show that smokers are almost twice as likely to have dry eye syndrome, and twice the chances of development of cataract.

5. Use cosmetic old

Ophthalmologists say that cosmetic decorative that are used for more than 3 months can damage the health of the eyes. Eyeliner or mascara old increase the chances of infection with bacteria or fungi. And if any of this enters directly in the eye, there is the risk of having a severe infection.

6. Rubbing the eyes with the hand

When you tighten with too much intensity for the eye, the small blood vessels may burst and give us a “view bloody”. If there is a grain of dust, you don’t have to restregarte the eyes, as it can scratch the cornea. It is better to blink often to push or wash the eye with artificial tears.

In the hands there are more germs than any other part of the body, and when we restregamos eyes, “invite you” to all of them, causing infections such as conjunctivitis.

7. Wash the eyes with tap water

The tears are not just water: they are lipids that lubricate the surface of the eye, electrolytes to maintain the pH, immune proteins to protect against infection, etc, The tap water contains chlorine, which can damage the mucosa of the eye. If you’re in a dusty environment and you have the feeling that your eyes are full of sand, closes his eyes, blinks, and, if necessary, wash gently with water, the eyebrows and eyelashes.

8. A work chair uncomfortable

Two arteries, which pass through the spine, supplying blood to the brain and oxygenate. Even a slight alteration in the area of the back can affect the eyesight: deteriorates the blood supply to the head and the eyes. The lack of oxygen usually leads to myopia.

9. Shampoo

Shampoos that include sodium lauryl sulfate, damage the mucosa of the eye. On the surface of the eye there is a layer of lipids very fine. The contact with the eyes, the shampoo dissolves these fat molecules, the tear evaporates and, as a result, occurs the dry eye syndrome. In addition, the sodium lauryl sulfate can accumulate in the crystalline lens, which increases the risk of developing cataract.


You’ve read the article until the end; it’s time to rest your eyes. You can use the slap, the method invented by William Bates. Put your elbows on the table, cross the palms of the hands and cover the eyes closed so that the light does not penetrate them, but without clenching the eyelids. We allow ourselves to feel comfort and warmth, try to relax completely the muscles of the face, neck, shoulders, and other parts of the body. 5 minutes to relax will be sufficient. If you did everything right, you will feel how the view became more clear.

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