Things are very crazy who think europeans about latinos

Most of the stereotypes that people have are, in their majority, exaggeration, or prejudice towards the unknown. Do not generalize, but what is certain is that the european society has a conception quite distorted from the Latin culture. Things like that in this place of the planet only speaks Spanish, lives in the middle of forests and there are a lot of indians and cannibals running around there are clear examples of the notion of mistaken identity and discriminatory that they have many subjects in different parts of the world with respect to this region. Fortunately, we have plenty of evidence that Latin America is not as these people think, from any point of view!

In we have created a collection of myths more combinations that exist in Europe with regard to the Latin american culture. Read this article to the end, some of them are too crazy!

1. Latin america is synonymous with violence

La Paz, Mexico.

It is not at all unreasonable to say that, in Latin America, the insecurity is a factor with which it coexists. Studies claim that one out of every five Latin americans has been the victim of a theft in the last year, and three out of every five thefts are accompanied in addition to violence. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be quiet in this region of the continent! As in any other place in the world, you always have to be cautious and take the necessary security measures for your family and for you. Things like advise you very well places that you visit, have a clear idea of the areas that are most vulnerable to this type of situations, to support you in the safety devices of the various regions and do not carry a lot of money on hand can help you to have an experience completely enjoyable in your visit to Latin America. We are not all thieves or people with bad habits. In fact, there are millions of people who are very supportive and excellent hosts!

Havana, Cuba.

2. All latinos dance well

Perhaps more of a european you will be surprised to realize that there are many latinos with two left feet. And while many are amazing, on the dance floor, not all were born to dance. As if outside little, this myth is related to the belief that in this part of the world only is salsa dancing, since many think that is the only genre properly Latin. Because they are wrong, because here it has been danced to tango, bachata and many other genres that will surely make you feel the need to search for an academy and learn the steps.

Tango dancers in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

3. Latinos are lazy

This is a big lie. In labour terms, latinos are great workers, and statistically have the lowest wages. Also of note is that there are women who are in charge of your home, do everything alone, and don’t just work from sun to sun, but also keep up on foot to their children, with everything that entails to take care of the functioning of a family.

4. All of the men in Latin america are “Latin lovers”

A myth quite curious about Latin America, which is very common among european women, is that they think that all men here are the kings of seduction. Certainly not fancy, but many are quite shy and do not know of techniques to conquer a woman. It is clear that the majority of latinos are very friendly and attentive, so you might dazzle many tourists. And if there is something typical in the man Latin america is the romanticism, a quality that almost every girl will catch your attention. But the term “Latin lover” as such is definitely a myth that, in general, indicates a concept totally distorted from what really is a latino man. It can be misinterpreted with a person flirtatious, promiscuous and unreliable, which is very far from the reality.

5. Latinas are sexy and voluptuous

It is no secret that the latina woman is beautiful, but we do not refer to the same description is a bit macho for a girl lush who is dressed with little clothing and, often, it is also related to the concept of “girl easy and silly.” This, in fact, it is a myth is quite offensive, since in Latin America there are many women who have excelled in fields: in music, in cinema, in science, and in politics. All have made history, and not just for being sexy women. To give you examples of how wrong this myth, we want to remind you of the ladies latinas who have left their mark in this world, being contrary to the “vulgar”: Frida Kahlo, a mexican artist; Eva Duarte de Perón, the forerunner of the female vote in Latin America; Isabel Allende, the great chilean writer, among many others. In addition, in Latin america there are also girls are thin and short stature. All are beautiful in their individuality.

6. All are poor and live in houses precarious

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In reality, this myth is very wrong. Latin america not only is a region rich in fauna and flora, of which latinos are privileged to have these beautiful places. They also have a town planning and architecture is quite modern. The big cities have structures majestic you’ll only find in this place of the world. Although there is no denying the fact that the european continent is more advanced in the sense of progress and the architectural projection, the Latin countries do not stand back: they are full of beautiful cities in which they live societies fully civilized and organized.

Mexico city, Mexico.

Most of these myths are quite far from the reality, and we can ensure that latinos are charismatic people, hard-working and cheerful, who enjoy life and meeting new people, welcoming all with open arms. This class stereotypes that have been fed mostly by the world of cinema, for decades they have been in charge of blurring the reality of this region, personifying the Latin in things as banal as a drug trafficker and a criminal all the time.

Santiago de Chile.

Medellín, Colombia.

What are you latino? Or maybe a foreigner that lives in Latin america? Let us know your opinion about this beautiful region of the american continent in the comments section.

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