Harmful things that can be causing your dog without even realizing it

If you own a dog, you surely want your pet to be healthy and live a long and happy life. But sometimes we can do things that can damage potencialmete to our members furry family without even realizing it. Dogs are curious, adventurous and often behave like small children, to such an extent that they end up getting into trouble. In this article, we explore some common mistakes that often make those who have pets, so that you can avoid, and so your furry friend can be free of these incidents in the future.

In Great.guru we love dogs and we understand that they are part of the family in which they are. So we will review a few points that we have selected to make sure to avoid them and keep our pets protected and healthy.

1. Choose the collar wrong

First, you must decide whether to use a collar or a harness, the width, the material. This decision is very personal. If your dog is an adventurer or loves to explore everything that is around, a harness may be a better option than a collar, as the latter can seriously damage the neck of your pet if you pull too much of it. The second step is to get the correct size for your neck.

If the collar is too big, the dog can escape, and if it is too small, you can crush your neck and cause severe injury. The general rule is that, for small dogs and medium-sized, you should be able to put a finger between the collar or the harness and the animal. For large dogs and extra large, two fingers should fit.

2. Leave your dog alone in the car

Can’t stress this enough: NEVER but never leave your dog in the car alone. According to a research, the temperature inside a car can increase 20 degrees in just 10 minutes, even if the car is parked in the shade. Dogs do not sweat like people, and the overheating can happen much faster than you expect.

3. Neglecting the teeth of your dog

We all know that dogs have teeth. Well, these teeth need brushing just like yours. This is seriously and no joke; you should start doing it as soon as you have your puppy to get used to as a kid.

Some owners think that giving the dog sticks to chew on you can replace regular brushing, but this is not true, because those sticks don’t clean the back teeth as well as brushes designed for that purpose.

Do not use toothpaste and toothbrush human. The toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs is quite different and you can get it from your veterinarian.

4. Allow your dog to eat around

Never feed your dog with human food, as this is too salty, too spicy, and contains too much fat for them. In fact, much of our food is very dangerous and even toxic for dogs. Definitely you should never feed your pet with the food scraps while you’re eating, since you’d be teaching habits of begging undesirable, and the dogs are very good learners when it comes to things that are not allowed to do.

5. Take puppies to a dog park

Dogs are very sociable, but think twice before you bring a puppy to a dog park. To begin with, sometimes dogs can be carriers liabilities of diseases. Secondly, adult dogs, especially large ones, can be very hard to play and run and this may scare you, or even accidentally damage, to your puppy.

6. To use physical punishment

Yes, dogs should be disciplined, but physical punishment should never be an option. First of all, it is animal abuse. In the second place, it simply will not work and all you achieve is to make sure that your dog will be afraid. The training is based on rewards is much more effective than physical discipline.

If your dog does bad things all the time, perhaps it is time to enroll in obedience school for dogs.

7. Lack of stimulation or training

Dogs need mental stimulation and physical; furthermore, it must be constant. Especially for large breeds and working. The regular walking should become a must in your family and it must be taken into account before deciding the type of race that you want to have. Dogs not only need exercise but they must also be exposed to different sounds and smells, as this makes your brain work better. If dogs do not receive the proper stimulation, you can begin to have other types of negative behaviors, such as, for example: dig, chew, or break things.

8. Not securing your dog in the car when traveling together

We always use safety belts for children and there is a very strong reason to do so. Believe it or not, dogs are not different to children. In the event of an accident they might get hurt or injured and, in severe cases, to death. There are some ways to ensure a dog in the car; find the way that suits you.

9. Yelling at your dog when he does something wrong

Screaming is another thing that you must never take into account when you go to discipline your dog. Does not work, and you’re just going crazy because most of the times don’t understand what you’re trying to tell. Especially if you’re angry about something that has happened a while ago. Your dog will not only be scared, but they can also confuse you even more.

10. Skip the treatment against fleas, ticks, and deworming

The preventive treatment against fleas, ticks, parasites and heartworms is crucial when you own a dog. It is possible that you can take a break from all of these, in winter, if the weather turns quite cold, but you should discuss it with your veterinarian. It is always better to be safe than later regret something undesirable.

11. Leaving harmful objects around your dog

The dogs are already, by nature, adventurers, and this gets into all sorts of problems. Prepare your house in such a way that it is a friendly space for them, asegúrandote save anything that your pet could swallow or chew on, such as drugs, artificial nails, batteries, and socks. The socks seem to be the favorite toys of dogs to pull, and bite, but keep in mind that, if your furry friend is the swallows, it may be that these will remain stuck in your throat.

12. Neglect the specific health issues of the breed of your dog

Some breeds require specific care in everything that has to do with the coat, the skin, or the toilet regular; otherwise, they may develop various health problems. There are breeds that have a predisposition to certain diseases and if your dog is in that group, you have to know the symptoms and always be attentive to them.

Do you think we’ve left anything critical? Share with us your pesamientos and opinions in the comments below.

Illustrator: Natalia Tylosova for Great.guru

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