Create a light bulb that destroys all the viruses in the flu

Already knew from long ago that ultraviolet light is deadly for germs. It is estimated that kills 99% of microorganisms existing, and for that reason is often used to disinfect surgical equipment and hospital environments. The problem is that in high doses, talso can be harmful to human health, and has been linked with some types of cancer.

But, now, researchers from the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) have created a new type of light bulb that is capable of destroying the flu virus, without harming the human body. The secret is that they have created a new type of range of these emissions are called ultraviolet light distant (far-UVC).

According to its creators this type of uv light does not have enough power to penetrate the skin or the human eye, which is harmless to the human being. But, on the contrary, if you can reach the full DNA of the flu virus, destroying it.

The finding is really important, since this type of light bulbs could be used in public places such as stations or offices, to prevent the flu virus from spreading among the people that are there.

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