Do you think that this is nonsense? No, they are 17 scientific facts that will change your idea about the planet

Who said science is boring? Very recently, scientists discovered that the coconut water can be used for intravenous drip, and it turns out that Mona Lisa had eyebrows. This world never ceases to amaze us, check them out for yourself. gives you a new list of scientific facts, that at first sight, you will seem fantastic.

  • The coldest place in the universe is in the Earth. Scientists from Finland managed to freeze atoms with lasers. This allowed them to reach a temperature of a billonésimo degree of absolute zero.
  • If it were possible to remove the empty space between atoms, then all humanity would enter into an apple.
  • The chemical compound that gives flavour to the raspberry is common throughout the universe. If the same could be tested, you would know that flavor.

  • One of the substances most slippery in the world is the lubrication of your knees.
  • The living organism largest on Earth is a fungus honey giant that grows on the Reservation, Malheur, Oregon, USA. UU.). Your mycelium covers an area of over 880 hectares, and it is estimated that its age is 2.4 billion years.
  • The brain of the squid has the shape of a bagel because the food must pass through it without damaging it, due to the peculiar design of the body of the mollusk.
  • A flea can accelerate faster than a space shuttle. Their jumps reach up to 8 cm in milliseconds. Is the jump that leads to its acceleration, which is 50 times that of a spaceship.
  • The lungs humans have the same surface area than a tennis court.
  • The predisposition to conceive a boy or a girl has a component of genetic in men. The guys with a great number of sisters often have daughters, and those who have more brothers, sisters, children.
  • The researchers of the University of Oxford came to the conclusion that the fish archer can distinguish human faces. The precision with which they do it is more than 80%.
  • The height of the Eiffel Tower varies according to the climate: in summer, you can grow to 15 cm, The fact is that when the metals are heated, they expand, that’s why the Eiffel Tower increases slightly in size when the weather is very hot.
  • The interference and the waves on tv channels voids are traces of the Big Bang. It began with a flash of light that spread in all directions, and radio waves are part of this outbreak.
  • The Cryptotora thamicola, also called the “angel of the cave”, you can try rock climbing steep. This is the only fish in the world that can walk, since it has a pelvis developed, and their fins work the same way that the limbs of reptiles.
  • The art critic Pascal Cotte examined “Mona Lisa” using a special computer and discovered that he had eyebrows. Da Vinci paint over the varnish art, so that eventually destiñeron. In addition, initially, his face was much wider, and the sky in the picture was blue.
  • A close friendship male between chimpanzees help to reduce the stress during the conflict. Scientists have discovered that the fights are less traumatic if the monkey fight elbow to elbow with your friend.
  • To work, the brain requires as much energy as a light bulb of 10 watts. No matter if you’re awake or asleep.
  • Frequent consumption of coffee reduces the size of the breasts. 3 cups a day can shrink your forms, especially if in the beginning they were lush. This is due to the fat burning properties that has caffeine. And the female breast, as is known, is composed of adipose tissue.

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