Cryptominer discovered on foreign government sites

Again, it has a cryptominer struck at sites where it is not as quickly as expected. In this case, the edges of government sites in the United States and the United Kingdom, and the processor of visitors to Monero mining, a well-known Bitcoin counterpart.

The cryptominer in question was at more than 4000 sites discovered by security researcher Scott Helme, and was more active on the Uk site for a student grant, to the site of the American legal system and sites of local authorities.

The culprit turned out to be a infected plugin, Text Help. That is used to texts read aloud for people with visual impairments. After the company behind it was aware of the problem, the plugin quickly taken offline.

No data theft

It is unclear yet how the incident is exactly the place. Visitors of the sites noted may notice that their pc’s temporarily on all cylinders, but do not have to worry about data theft.

Cryptominers hide itself regularly in online ads, but also can be other ways to strike. Today, it is wise to use a browser extension to install to block them, as No Coin. The phenomenon is called cryptojacking.

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