Cryptovaluta is also in the Netherlands more and more popular

The rise in the popularity of the Bitcoin is not a secret. 2017 was a huge year for the cryptovaluta, 75% of the households that cryptovaluta possess are indented in this period. In January 2018 have about 65,000 households cryptovaluta purchased this is more than in the whole of calendar year 2016.

The large peak in the total Bitcoin value of 825 billion dollars was January 2018. This is the moment that the Bitcoin is also becoming more and more media-attention. More and more people saw it would be to start with investing in cryptovaluta. After that high peak there was already a rapid decline. In the first week of February was the Bitcoin suddenly still but 350 billion dollars. Of course it is, as always, on the stock exchange a snapshot. The Bitcoin would be in a night suddenly can rise to high amounts or even further down.


A lot of people see cryptovaluta as a big hype. One jumps in by stories that are too thick or money, or sleeping to be rich. The serious investors put a lot in, with the risk also much to lose, while there are also plenty of households who may be a small amount of money inserted with the hope of a few tens to win. These are the people who just want to try and see where the ship runs aground. One in four Dutch people who cryptovaluta possess is a risicobelegger, these are people who have more than €1000 to put in.

You can also see that the investors are relatively young in comparison with the standard investor (38 us. 51 years). The younger people here are more interested in the show. These are people who, the guess dare to venture, and who are really well read and relatively well-understand what the Bitcoin means.

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