What is the difference between block and mark as spam to a contact in WhatsApp?

Despite the fact that I constantly complain that WhatsApp has a number of options that should be added soon to the platform, I also must recognize that there are very important tools that few users are aware of and know at what point in time should use them.

Among these functions is to block a user and report it as spam, which surprisingly many believe that it is the same thing, and many others do not know that there is a function antispam.

Well, here I’ll explain how to block a user and for what you will use this tool, and the same thing will happen with the function of report as spam.

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How and what does it do to block a user

If any of the contacts of our agenda is bothering you, or you simply do not want us to search for WhatsApp there is the option to block them, which is not the same as deleting the contact, due to the fact remove it from our agenda means that we will not be able to see the number, but this user if you can keep sending us messages for WhatsApp.

Then, if we block a contact, this will no longer be able to send messages by WhatsApp never again (at least not with that number, this way we avoid to be bothered by that user.

To block a contact, follow the following steps:

  • Open the chat of the contact you want to block.
  • Press the three vertical dots in the upper right and select the option “More”.
  • Select “Block”, once this process is completed, this contact no longer be able to bother us.

What it does report as spam

If any of our contacts is not only annoying, but also send us advertising, religious messages, or any other particular subject that we deem annoying or inappropriate, then we can report it as spam.

Once the contact is reported as spam will be automatically blocked, that is to say, will not be able to send us messages or give us a call within the application.

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But once the user is blocked, WhatsApp can also be suspended from the platform, that is if other users also report it as spam to the contact. Hence the importance of reporting as spam to the correct users, and block those that bother us in a particular way.

To report a contact as spam you must follow these steps:

  • Open the chat of the user who want to report and click on your number or name to see their profile.
  • Glide down and the last option is the “Report spam”
  • Once this is done the contact will be blocked and WhatsApp what is included in a black list to check if there are more reports of users.

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