What is the difference between Google Photos and Google Drive

Google Photos and Google Drive are two of the most successful products and used Google, however, some followers of Unocero have asked us constantly what are the differences between the two products, because one of the things that will cause a lot of confusion between the two services is that in both you can view your photographs, and these same can see them and manage them.

Let’s start by defining what is Google Drive, because the storage service in the Cloud of Google, thus it saves multiple files of users to access them from your Google account, as is the case of the photographs, your Google Docs, Sheets or Slides, or any other file you choose to upload to the platform.

On the other hand, Google Photos is intended exclusively for you to view, organize and edit your photos and images in your device and then do the backup in the Cloud. Here you will not find any other type of file, unlike as it happens in Google Drive.

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So why in both do I find my photos?

Well, your photos are stored in Google Drive, not in Google Photos, then this is the one that is responsible for making the backup in your Google account so you can go to stop to Google Drive, for this reason if you go to Drive you will be able to find all the photos and images on your phone that you have a backup in the Cloud.

Does my photos take up space on Google Drive?

Yes, everything that is stored in Google Drive takes up storage space, which in the beginning are 15 GB for the users who do not pay for G Suite or any other plan of storage, however, the photos from Google Photos (forgive the redundancy) don’t take up space in Google Drive, only if you have the correct settings.

For that your photos do not occupy space, you have to select in the settings that are stored in “High Quality”, if you choose the option of “original Quality” then it will occupy part of your 15 GB of storage, or the storage plan you have hired.

The process seems strange, but it is if you have photographs of extreme quality or videos in 4K, because then you can’t make the storage “free”, so if you choose the “High Quality” then Google will do the backup with a quality less than the 2K or photographs of 16 MP without an attempt to obscure the quality of the image or video.

So is the Google One, the new storage service in the cloud, ‘economic’

Currently only users of Google Pixel can store photos and videos of extreme quality without taking up space in Google Drive.

The truth is that no one has complained about this decision of Google, on the contrary, they have applauded, because you have unlimited storage of your photos with a good quality, because if you are very exquisite, because then you have the option of purchasing a Pixel, or to occupy your space in the Google Drive.

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